Want a Bean Forum?

jimster(z7a MA)June 8, 2006

Dear bean lover,

This thread is the beginning of an attempt to remedy a need for a Garden Web forum devoted to beans. I am posting it in Vegetable Growing, Heirlooms and Harvest because those are the existing forums where IÂve noticed an interest in beans. Let me know if there are other forums where it should be posted.

Beans come in many species, many growth habits, many culinary uses and untold number of varieties. Like heirloom tomatoes, seeds of heirloom beans are easily saved by the home gardener. Bean varieties have been passed down in families for generations. Bean collectors have large numbers of varieties. This is different from, say, carrots, lettuce and radish.

Why not have a forum on Garden Web devoted to beans? Garden Web has forums for tomatoes, hot peppers and alliums, all of which are diverse, versatile vegetables having followings of serious, as well as casual, aficiandos. Bean growing is an area of horticulture which offers equally large opportunities for exploration and learning.

Have you been curious about the following? Do you grow them?

pole beans

edamame (soy)

Southern peas

butter beans

cow peas

long beans




rice beans

runner beans

greasy beans

cut shorts

and many, many more

If so, letÂs ask Garden Web for a bean forum, whether you are a newbie or expert (IÂm the former). With your expression of interest, I will communicate the idea to Garden Web and support the request with data on previous interest in this topic.

Speak up here to support the idea. Thanks.


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jimster(z7a MA)

This has now been posted on the Suggestions forum. Your comments there will help.


Here is a link that might be useful: Suggestions Forum

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jimster(z7a MA)

It's been a week now since the suggestion for a "Beans" forum was put up for discussion. One of the early suggestions was to make it a "Legumes" forum, which was readily accepted. Violet made the invaluable point that a thread needed to be established in the "Suggestions?" forum, in order for the proposal to be considered by site managers, and this was done. Some of the comments from members of the "Harvest" and "Heirlooms" forums seem to have been directed there. Most members of the "Vegetables" forum continued to post there.

Thanks to everyone for the comments, suggestions and enthusiastic support. The proposal was constructed from everyone's input and I think it is a good one.


Here is a link that might be useful: Proposal For a Legumes Forum

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jimster(z7a MA)

I've posted a message in the 'Suggestions?' forum asking for a response to the 'Proposal for a Legumes Forum'. I firmly believe it is a solid proposal with lots of legitimate support. I hope it receives appropriate consideration. If you have any suggestions for helping the proposal to move along, please let us know.


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