No pictures today, busy planting.

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)July 10, 2012

I don't have time to post pics today as I am working on another of my moving around projects. Started yesterday, still working today. Moved some daylilies around in the terraces yesterday so that they would look better. I had to move out a big Matrona Sedum plant that wanted to take over and then move the daylilies around that were near it. Today I moved some Strawberry Candies and put clumps of Fancy Face were they used to be.

I also need to go and dig up clumps of iris that are near the end were I have my path and cucumbers planted. Cucumbers growing like mad and taking over the space. I need to take out iris at the end and put up cucumber trellis. I figgure at least 5 iris will have to move but will know move when I go up there and start to dig. That is why I made room, so I have somewhere to put the iris to be moved.

So going out now to water the moved plants and if I have any juice left will see about the iris. But I have to get this done as poor planning on where I planted those cucumbers. And I am not about to pull them out LOL!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Six clumps of iris came out to make room for the cucumber trellis. I just have them out and carried down to near my kitchen door. Tomorrow I will sort them, cut back leaves, divide and replant. Not up to it today. Now I need to get the metal fence posts that I use for support and pound them in so I can string trellis and get those cucumber vines headed the right way. This is one case where my usual method of crowding things in deffinately does not work! Need room!

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Wwhat an odd thing for you to do. BWAh Ha Ha .

Always touching it up. I plan to do a lot of it, but not until it is considerably cooler than now. You are really growing the veggies, aren't you.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Ha Kay, yes, very odd for me to move things around, especially daylilies ha-ha-ha :-)). Really went overboard with the cucumbers planted this year. Some of them already have a nice trellis but these early ones I put in definatly were not making due with the little bit of climbing space I gave them. Can't wait, have to do it now. Fortunatly not as hot as it was last week. Veggie crazies in full force at my house this year.

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Hi, Rita, lots of veggies here, too. The tomatoes are coming in like crazy and I have already made and put up vegetable soup, chili, and today was spaghetti sauce day. All of these taste so good using our garden tomatoes. Avedon

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Hmmm, everything is better from the garden. I have been picking Blueberries and I have okra today. My tomatoes didn't do well but they are plentiful at friends so no problem there. I have lots of peppers to do something with..I think to freeze it. I made Blackberry Jam last week after picking in the HEAT. I don't know how you do it Rita. You have more energy than I..Ellie

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Cucumbers here have already started producing nicely and it will only get more as the rest get going. I pounded in the metal posts and strung string and headed the cucumbers up that was so hopefully they take off now and stay off the ground. Not a great job but it will do for these cukes.

I am really going to have a lot of tomatoes here this year but so far only a red one here and there. When they come in season I will be swimming in them. I giess the neighbors will be happy. These past two years with the cut back plan, I didn't have many to share. Should have loads this year. No more cut back on the veggies around here. Tomatoes are back with as many plants as ever. Lots of other veggies too.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Ellie, not that I wanted to do the moving around now but just need to do it now so that I can get other garden things done.

Had lots of blueberries here but I just ate them LOL!

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Julia NY(6)

That sounds like what happened to me last year with tomatoes. I had so many I couldn't give them away as everyone was on overload with them but I didn't have to move any daylilies thank goodness.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Well, My cucumber bit the dust here the day it hit 104 degrees,They are dead now, so dont have to worry about where they will climb.I didnt get but about 6 or 8 blueberries to eat, when i went back to pick them, they were all gone, the racoons found them and ate every last one of them.Now the deer has ate up all my saint augusteen grass that was so thick here in my back yard.I hope it gived them a severe belly ache.


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Oh, I would like to move (and plant) mine too! But I am so scared after the spring fiasco. I weeded for two hours instead, really neglected the garden during those hot weeks.
Sorry to hear about the hungry raccoons and deer, Jean. Had to laugh at 'severe belly ache' :)

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Nancy zone 6

Hum, I'm totally shocked Rita. Moving plants at this time of year! Personally, I would NEVER think of doing that. LOL. Only because the soil is too hard. We've had some rain so I tried to move some iris. We've gotten close to 3" total rain over this past week, but the soil is still like a rock a couple of inches down. Not as bad for moving iris, but not easy either.
Sedums, especially Matrona, really tend to take over, don't they. I finally moved everything far enough away to give them space. I tried cutting them way back, but they just grow right back & don't seem any less floppy for me. I love my sedums though, can't give'em up :) I planted my cukes too late I think, the heat took them out. Got my very first ripe tomato a few days ago, much smaller than I expected from it, but tasty. I should be getting a lot in the next few days. You are really getting me interested in veggie gardening again, I do love fresh veggies. I had pretty much given it up, DH doesn't care for anything that resembles health food, so just me to eat them. I may try a few fall veggies later on. I've never done much fall gardening.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Julia, I have never had anyone not want home grown tomatoes.

Jean, sorry about your cucumber plants. I know that heat you had there was brutal. I wish I could share some cucumbers with my forum friends as I am going to have lots of them. In fact I picked yesterday and there are ones I will pick today.

Nat, I couldn't work in the garden either for those few days we had that were hot and it was no where near as hot as most of you had it. But back to work now as temps are much better.

Nancy, I wouldn't have to do any of this moving or re-arranging if it wasn't for the fact that I have gotten the veggie crazies. So had to do something. But my soil is never rock hard like yours summertime or any other time. I doubt I would be able to do this yearly summer moving of plants if that were so. As you might know I am really back into the veggioes like crazy this year after years of the cut back plans die to changing the mid back yard (used to be veggies) into daylilies and some iris. But gosh those daylily beds look STUNNING up there!

The Terrace Garden moving was simply because I decided I wanted to move MAN OF SORROWS up front to the first terrace. And I had tried to cut back the Matrona Sedum but it has gotten too big. I figgured I would just fix it all now to be the way I wanted. The Sedum moved compleatly out of there to a new spot in another garden and some daylilies got shuffled around.

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