Prescott Fond Blanc Melon

carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)July 28, 2005


The typing is getting garbled for me in your big, long thread, and I can no longer leave a response. You asked if the advice of the French seed company to only leave one fruit per plant would be a good idea.

The melons of this variety which I have picked so far have all been crown set melons - tight to the base of the plant. If you had more than one there, they could possibly get deformed because they would get squished together.

Once melons start to set further down the vines, I wouldn't worry about having more than one at a time. My plants haven't been setting all that much fruit.

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reign(z5 NY)

"The melons of this variety which I have picked so far have all been crown set melons"
Good point, Carolyn. All of my PFB fruits are down the vine. In my shock at the idea of one per vine, I didn't think about thinning at the base. :)

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None of my set fruit are near the crown. I've discovered an advantage of this melon: given its shape, and given the marketing skills of the big grocery stores, everyone here thinks it's an inedible gourd, so it's probably safe from predatory students. Joe, Winnipeg

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