Dates of Introduction

Thomas_Etty(Great Britain)July 18, 2004

Can anyone help with definitive dates of introduction for any of the following

Courgette - Black Milan

Courgette - Burpee's Golden

Climbing Bean - Blue Lake (White and/or Brown)

Pea Bean/Frost Bean

Dwarf Bean - Fin de Bagnol

Lettuce - Rossa di Trento

Lettuce - Trocadero/Big Boston

Pea - Carouby du Maussane

Pepper - Californian Wonder

Radish - Munchen Bier

Scorzonera - Black Giant of Russia/Duplex

Spinach - America


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Sorry,no dates but you should try the following spellings:

Dwarf Beans: Fin de Bagnols
Pea: Carouby de Maussane
Radish: Muenchen Bier, Muenchner Bier, Munchen Beer

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California Wonder Pepper - 1928 (according to Southern Exposure Seed Company)

Blue Lake Bean -

Couldn't find an exact date, but an April 1996 article in Sunset Magazine by Lauren Swezey, entitled Is 'Blue Lake' still the best bean? notes:

"In the early part of this century [20th century], 'Blue Lake' was the bean grown for canning in the Blue Lake District near Ukiah, California. In 1923, this variety arrived in Oregon, where much of the bean research has since been done."

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