Heirloom tomatoes

retired20604(7 texas)July 23, 2004

Am new at this. Would really like to put out fall garden, too late to start plants from seed. Does anyone know where/if transplants can be had in the dallas/fort worth area. james

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Raymondo(Armidale, NSW)

Might also be worth posting this on the tomato growing forum as many of the folks there are heirloom afficionados!

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I too would urge you to post this on the tomato forum. Lots of Texans. Can't remember if there are any from Ft. Worth, but someone will point you in the right direction. Best wishes.


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kristie8888(zone8 TX)

Welcome new neighbor! I live Arlington. Can't find a store with HEIRLOOM tomato transplants, but Green's Produce in Arlington has tomato plants in 5 gallon buckets etc. I know they carry Celebrity, Sweet 100, and some others.

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This is for Kristie -

I live in MD and work in No. VA. The only nurseries that I was able to located with heirloom transplants were

Behnke's and Homestead - both are in MD though.

Behnke in Beltsville and Largo and Homestead in Davidsonville.

Did you check the Merrifield Garden Center on Gallows Rd?

I would check Franks Nursery as well.

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kristie8888(zone8 TX)

Are any of those nurseries in Texas? Also, I'm sure there are stores that carry heirloom plants but I just havn't been able to find any in my area.

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In Austin, I called around to some of the local nurseries. None of the box stores had ANY tomato plants at all.

Also, check/write with your local county extension folks, or ask your area's master gardeners...

who got 24 in this time for my first fall garden (not all heirlooms)

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