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giardiniere(z 6 KS)July 28, 2005

OK, I have a question for some of you heirloom seed saving gurus. I have been reading about... and am becoming more interested in.... growing more heirloom vegetables. I also understand that over time (2-3 years), as you save seeds from each year, that heirloom variety will adapt itself to your growing conditions, and perform better. However, I still may grow some hybrid varieties. My question is, if I grow both heirloom tomatoes, and some hybrid tomatoes, do I have to keep them in separate parts of the garden in order to keep the seed pure, or can I plant them nearby? If I do need to keep them separate, how far apart? And lastly, will different heirlooms cross-pollinate? For instance, if I grow a Pantano Romanesco next to a German Johnson, will each ones seeds be viable the next season?

These may seem like stupid questions, but although I've gardened for several years, I've never tried saving seeds.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

They aren't stupid questions at all, and luckily for you the good folks in the Tomato Forum did a great FAQ on how to prevent X pollination.

So go to the main TOmato Forum, link at the top of this page, click on the FAQ at the top of that page and scroll down until you see the FAQ on X pollination.

And yes, as a general comment with few exceptions, any tomato variety, hybrid or OP ( open pollinated) can cross with any other variety. So do read the FAQ about how to prevent it if you're going to save your own tomato seeds in the future.

For saving seed from other vegetables/fruits I highly suggest you get the book written by Suzanne Ashworth called Seed to Seed.

It's available at many seed source sites as well as the SSE site, and can also be gotten thru Amazon and all the rest. It is truly invaluable to the seed saver.


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giardiniere(z 6 KS)

Thanks Carolyn

You, and the FAQ that you directed me to, answered my questions. You're a jewel.


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