mjjones453May 3, 2012

Any one growing this one? I just bought it, and was wondering if it would take full sun. I also bought Snow Angel. Now wish I would have bought more!

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Cher(6 SW OH)

Don't have Citronelle but do have Snow Angel and it's blooming away right now with those hot pink flowers just like Bressingham. All my Heuchera are in full sun.

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I have Citronelle in part shade.
Snow Angel is lovely, but not a great grower. Seems particular, but I don't know what exactly it's particular about!

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Depending on where you live and the particular plant you have will determine whether it can take full sun. Only those with the specie Heuchera villosa in it's genes should be grown in full sun and primarily northern gardeners those above zone 8. Elsewhere they should have some shade from hot mid day sun. When I started adding these plants to my garden about 3 years ago I started with Caramel and found even here in the Poconos it did not like the hot mid day sun. Moved it to a spot where it is shaded from mid day sun getting morning sun until about 11AM then afternoon sun starting around 3PM and it seems to enjoy that spot. More northern growers probably can grow in sun all day zones 4 and 5 but watch your plants to be sure. Growth should be constant through out the growing season and they should not look wilted. Of course watch the watering as they do not like wet feet.


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Melissa Snow Angel likes a little more sun due to the lack of chlorophyll in the leaves. These are finicky plants until you get the right spot. I have Citronelle in a spot where it only gets morning sun then dappled the rest of the day. It is not doing so well but was when the weather turned warm in March now many of the leaves died off. It is putting out new growth so it's possible the weather being very warm then turning very cold may be the culprit but will have to give it some time as this was a tiny plant when I purchased it last fall.


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I have Citronella and it is growing in dappled shade under a black walnut tree. It is doing very well.


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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Awesome a heuchera forum! I just bought Citronelle and Amethyst ?something? (tag is outside with plant - and it's dark with lots of mosquitos)). And was wondering about the best spot for Citronelle as well.

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I have a Citronelle which has grown so large it will soon need to be moved. It is on the north side of my home and gets only a little morning sun. My snow angels are partially shaded and growing nicely. In fact, I've divided a couple.

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Citronelle is a sport of Caramel, and both are easily my 2 favorites. I don't know how well they fare in full sun, but in part shade they are wonderful, wonderful plants! My Caramel was bush sized last last year.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I love Citronelle. Mine are in part shade. Love Caramel, too, but haven't gotten it yet.

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Have many Citronelle and 6 Caramel. Caramel gets morning sun, my Citronelle gets 1/4 sun to dappled shade.

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I have a few Citronelle - sadly they are the ones the rabbits liked the most, and chewed them down to stubs last year. :(

They're doing okay, but not nearly as awesome as my Caramel or Mochas.

Nonetheless, all of mine are in nostly shade (with just a bit of morning sun) and they seem to do okay. When the weather gets real hot the Citronelle are the first ones to show they're unhappy.

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