Direct sow or Transplant?

n1111z(6B)February 27, 2013

Please excuse my laziness as I haven't searched for this very much. I grow vegetables in raised beds started from seed indoors with good success. This year I plan to plant one 4X8 bed with 8 or so standard herbs to supply my spice rack. I have direct sown basil and chives before with pretty good results. Question is, do herbs do well started indoors under lights and transplanted? Is it worth the effort? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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most herbs are very easy to grow and do well started indoors under lights.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Chives takes multiple seasons to get of any harvestable size. Just direct sow those. Indoor starting is really to get a "jump" on the season.

I only direct sow basil. Largely it is because I have limited indoor seed starting space but it is also partially because indoor seed starting is not my favorite part of gardening. I have often suggested here of doing both with basil - direct sow and indoor starting. This spreads your basil harvest over a longer period of time. Best of both worlds.


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Chives seem to do best started indoors as here in Texas they only end up as small strings until our weather cools down again in the fall. With good soil Basil does fine if direct sown here, but when I lived in Colorado they did not get to the size I would have liked. I also found the seeds I harvested were much better that any you might buy. Now garlic chive seem to do fine anyway they are sown in fact here they even try to self-seed in my lawn. As for Rosemary and Greek Oregano for me buying the plants seems to do the best.
Happy Gardening

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