What's wrong with my Coral Bell?

bgaviator(7)May 2, 2013

Plum Pudding Coral Bell.....mostly shade....just a little sun in the late afternoon as the sun is starting to set.
Is this a sun problem, or a under or over watering problem? I just planted these last week. You can see the edge of the one leaf is brown and it feels almost dry to me.
I have no previous experience with these kinds of plants.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Just planted? So a new plant to you? Maybe some shipping damage. They look real good otherwise. Just trim that leaf if you want to. These are very addictive plants. Paula

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well I planted them last week. The plant didn't have this brown spot on the leaf edge at the nursery where I got it. So I'm wondering what's going on.

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bgaviator - got your email but no way to respond back :-)

The brown may just be physiological damage to the leaf by the grower or at the nursery or from the transport home. Like a bruise....shows up later! If that's all you see no biggie :-)) I seriously doubt there are any water issues so soon after planting but be sure to keep the soil evenly moist, not wet.

Best not to be too obssessive about these things :-)) Just let them do their thing.

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Thanks Gardengal!
I just changed my profile so people can email me back. I ended up cutting that section of the leaf off. I couldn't stand looking at it amongst all that awesome color. It was an eyesore!
I think I tend to baby my plants too much and give them too much water. That's usually how I've killed a lot of things in the past. I haven't given this section any water in about a week and they seem to be doing fine. The soil still feels fairly moist. We have been getting off and on rain showers the last couple days too, so mother nature is doing the watering for me.

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Just noticed another brown edge starting to form on another leaf.....what the heck????

I have not watered this area in over a week, and the soil still feels plenty moist to me. Dirt still clings to my finger when I stick it in the soil. We have had a few rain showers here and there though...t-storms forecast for tomorrow. Too much moisture in the soil, or something else going on? Still transplant shock at this point? These things were planted over two weeks ago.

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I would make sure the root ball area is moist. Many times recently transplanted plants can have moist soil surrounding them but the original root ball (size of pot) area is dried up. That small area needs to have adequate moisture until the roots are able to extend beyond the original potted size.

To me, this looks like a minor transplant shock. The plants were probably previously kept under shade cloth or highly controlled light/moisture and temp conditions. They seem overall healthy and are probably just adjusting to the new situation out of doors.

Really gorgeous leaf coloration.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I would not worry about this. Plants normally will lose leaves and being shipped and transplanted gives them a great reason. They may be burning a bit from sun they weren't used to as well. Not a big deal. Really :)

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I am still noticing more edges of my coral bells turning brown.....the other day we had about 4 hours straight of moderate/heavy rain, and it was after this I noticed more of the edges turning brown.....is this area possibly getting too much water? Maybe the soil is holding too much moisture? I just don't want to lose the plants....too much $ invested in my garden this year! Thanks.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I consider what you are seeing to be completely normal. Plants develop imperfections as they go through life. Think of these as pimples. They are ugly, but only temporary,and have nothing to do with the overall health of the plant. In fact, it's an important part of the regeneration process. As leaves get older, they get bruises and cracks and random spots. In nature, those leaves eventually fall off and become compost. Just cut off anything ugly. That will actually encourage the plant to produce more fresh, new leaves. You said earlier that you are compulsive about your plants and baby them to the point that you lose them to over watering. You're headed the same direction. Remember, plants live out in the wild with no one watching over them. Relax and enjoy your plants. My mother thrives on her daily cups of coffee as she makes her rounds of her plants with a pair of scissors so she can trim off any imperfections. She doesn't like how they look, either, but she doesn't worry about them. She just cuts them off. I hope that helps. Really, gardening should be relaxing and enjoyable.


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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

If you see a little brown just cut off that leaf. It is just called grooming to remove imperfect leaves. I do it all the time. That way, you only see the perfect leaves. They start to turn brown as they outer leaves and probably on their way out due to leaf old age. If you don't groom they will fall off over time, but i like to keep mine looking pretty.

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