Solar Eclipse

rouge21_gw(5)May 14, 2012

I am likely to replace one or two of my heuchera with this particular heucherella (provided I can find it...I havent yet sourced it here in the GreaterTorontoArea). I am hoping that heucherella thrive in the same aspect as do heuchera. Is this the case?

(Is it just me or others impressed by the photos of "Solar Eclipse"? What other ones do you find as striking?)

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Heucherella do just as well for me as heuchera.
Of course our zones are very different.
I just bought SE last week so don't know much about it yet, but it was just so pretty and only $7 so I HAD to get it!

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Check out Crooked Creek Garden Centre in Newtonville, ON (in the Durham Region). It is about 5 minutes off highway 401. That's where I bought my Solar Eclipse and also they have other heuchera's and heucherella's.
I would call them first as the Solar Eclipse's just came in.
4480 Concession Rd.4 Newtonville ON L0A 1J0 (905)786-2212

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Thanks for that information Vanessa but I was able to pick up a SE and a Delta Dawn at Humber Nurseries in Brampton this past week.

(Anyone have DD in their garden? What are you impressions?)

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Rouge, here are a trio of Delta Dawn I bought about 3 weeks ago in a pot awaiting a spot in the bed. I really like that unlike many yellows that are lighter and yellower in the spring, DD turns more and more yellow as the season progresses.

And here is my Solar Eclipse:

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

Cindy, I think she meant the Heuchera 'Delta Dawn' not the hosta. :-)

My Solar Eclipse is not as vibrant as the pics I've seen. Mine looks more like a green with some flecks of bronze toward the veins.

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You are right ie I did mean DD mistake.

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Heuchera Delta Dawn is great. Mine is starting to get the color like the tag. It's like an improved version of Miracle.

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This was the first SE I purchased and after giving it a month to develop I was hooked (see picture below).

And so I bought *3* more in the past couple of weeks.

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