Favorite Heuchera combinations?

manifest(USDA 11a, Sunset 24, CA)May 24, 2012

After admiring heucheras for many years, but always restraining myself from purchasing one, I'm finally giving in to growing several of them.

Would love to know what are some of your favorite heuchera planting combinations, for either color or foliage or both?

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Maybe if I had more room, I'd plant the heucheras using an elaborate color scheme! Naaahh!! Truth is, I just like the contrast in colors.The chartreuuses in contrast with the dark ones like Obsidian really pop. Same with the golds and peach ones. I really am a daylily gardener but love the heucheras as great companions. These have all been here for a couple of years or longer and many of them have gotten huge this year. I just took this a few minutes ago as it is overcast today and most of the coral bells are in full bloom now. I like most of the "bells" but those on Dale's Strain are so ugly that they always get cut off.

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I love your beds :)
Can you please tell me what is the sun exposure for these beds? Also, what is the darkest burgundy Heuchera on the left? 'Obsidian'? And what are the chartreuse ones? I got rid of all my light colored ones because they were so weak. Now, seeing yours am starting to regret :o)

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

I think the flowers on Midnight Rose are ugly, and would cut them off if I weren't so lazy, and not really care. lol!


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Some of the newer ones have really nice flowers. I think for awhile they only cared about foliage color and many with great foliage have ugly flowers. Green Spice for example...

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Yes the darkest one on the left side is Obsidian. The chartreuse ones are different varieties: Pistache (these plants have gotten huge this year);
Lime Rickey, Citronelle (leaves burn but I just pull the burned ones off) and Dolce Key Lime Pie. I like the chartreuse ones! Pistache hss proven to be the hardiest of that lot here.Also, heucheellas 'Golden Zebra' and "Stoplight'are good. I have a couple of Miracle heucheras in nearly full shade areas and they stay nearly chartreuse.
This side of the house is a Northern exposure and gets about 4-5 hours of sun but not intense sun. It's mostly shaded in the hottest part of the day.
In this climate,( edge of zones 6/7, the heuchera can survive the cold and the heat but they do not do well when we are in drought. I try to keep them watered but drought years are the times I've lost the most heucheras.

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Thanks Floota,
Just ordered Obsidian from Bluestone.
Also, bought Golden Zebra at local Lowe's.
We are neighbors, so your experience is valuable for me.

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manifest(USDA 11a, Sunset 24, CA)

Those combinations are great, Floota. I just ordered 'Obsidian' and 'Southern Comfort' from Bluestone. that 'Obsidian' is such a rich & deep color.

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Floota, YOWSA!
That is one of the most beautiful displays of heucs I've ever seen!
Thank you for the inspiration!

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weekendweeder(5A NY)

floota, that is such a pretty bed. I didn't know that heucheras and daylilies could share a bed so happily.

I was just posting on another thread, however, that I love the flowers on my Dale's Strain. The intense pink pops against my solid blue hostas PLUS they attract hummingbirds. Would not cut them off for the world!

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I like heuchera both in the ground and in pots. This pot has 3 varieties of heuchera purchased all in the same pot from Lowe's labeled Beaujolais. Originally I was going to divide them up, but then decided I liked them all together. Also in the pot are catchfly and creeping jenny. So I wouold say that in a pot, creeping jenny is one of my favorite heuchera companions, because the heuchs will grow up and out and the creeping jenny will spill over the edge.


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jan_on zone 5b

Christine - Love that planter. I find perennial combinations in planters an interesting change from the usual annuals. And bonus - don't have to replant them every year.

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Love the photo of all the different heucheras. I see that one of my problems may be that all the other plants grew over them and I think they didn't get enough light. Thanks all for the photos and ideas.

Sharon Salisbury

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What a beautiful display! Are those just one of each or did you plant more than one in each hole to get such large specimens? Hope you see this tho it's an old thread. It really is beautiful.

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Floota, The combination and contrast are truly beautiful! I typically use hosta as the lime/green companion for heucheras such as Obsidian, Frost, Georgia Peach, etc due to the worries that the lime/green heucheras may not be sun tolerant (most of my beds receive more than 5-6 hrs sun). Only started with Paris last fall. Love the flowers from Paris.

Annie, The pot combination is so lovely. I am working on something for my back patio and your deisgn gives me some great ideas.


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