Trying to identify a white heirloom pumpkin

erinmalcJuly 2, 2008

An heirloom white pumpkin has been in my husband's family for a long time, but unfortunately, they went several years without planting and now can't get any seeds to grow.

It's white, non-ribbed, flat, and gets pretty large. Similar to a Flat White Boer, but completely smooth...

Any suggestions on what it might be? Anyone seen a pumpkin like this?

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I don't know, but based on your description I would expect it to one of the Cheese pumpkins ( C. moschata) Tan Cheese and Flat White Boer are documented forms, but there are others running around out there under various names like Flat Iron.

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Here's an idea for you to possibly try. I did this with some old squash seed which wouldn't sprout for me in the garden. Try sprouting some seed in a damp paper towel, in a plastic bag, slightly open at one end, to allow for some air to enter. If you get a seed to send out a sprout, then place it shallowly in a pot of good potting soil and coddle it under lights. You can even water with 1/4 strength Miracle Grow solution. Once the plant has put out a couple of leaves it is ready to go out in the garden. I also did this with a bean, which I thought I'd lost, and managed to get one good plant out of a bottle of "dead" seeds.

Tahlequah, OK

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