Having problems with growing savory and other herbs indoors

gosssamerFebruary 1, 2014

Hi all,

I'm growing a handful of herbs indoors from a few packets of seeds I purchased online using a florescent grow light in my basement. This includes savory, marjoram, cilantro and basil. The lights are on for about 18hrs per day. I'm relatively new at this. I started the savory and marjoram from seed about three months ago.

The problem I'm having is specifically with the savory and marjoram. They both appear to be bolting - flowering and producing seeds instead of producing leaves and I don't really know why.

I didn't prune or cut them down in any way since they were planted. I'm pretty sure the soil is sufficient. It's Miracle-Gro bagged soil and I believe there's sufficient room in the pot for the root system.

I did a little reading on wikipedia about bolting, and it says the plant may be stressed in some way that would cause this. What else can I check? Can it ever return to normal growth, or are the plants now indefinitely going to flower?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Herbs are generally not plants to do well in indoor culture. They need the sun, wind, and rain to make them strong and healthy. I suggest indoors for getting a leg up on the growing season by starting young plants but do not suggest growing herb indoors beyond that.

Look through the back posts for volumes written about trying to grow herbs indoors.


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The cilantro is doing pretty well, but I agree. Thanks for the info.

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I once grew parsley and other herbs successfully in a very cold enclosed porch under 48" fluorescent lights supplemented by 4 incandescents. That was years ago. Typically a sunny window doesn't provide enough sun in winter. I have thyme and rosemary in my SW living room window now. The rosemary is ok but the thyme looks light starved and unhappy. I have 2 250 w fluorescents supplementing them, but it is not enough. On top of that it is too warm for them even though I keep the heat around 65.

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