Transplanted herbs won't stand up!

Kalarin(6b)February 22, 2013

Hi all!

I'm new to gardening, and have recently decided to start my own herb garden. Since I'm so new, I went with plants that had already been grown so I wouldn't have to baby them from a seedling.

My problem is that after I transferred a couple of these herbs, namely my mint and sage, they refused to sit upright in their bed of dirt! They stood tall in their original tiny plastic cup, so where did I go wrong, and what can I do to make them happy and perky again? Would tying them to a stick for awhile help them?

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I think if you'd undergone a transplant operation, you'd feel a bit droopy, too. Plants go into 'transplant shock' when moved - just give them time to recover and they'll stand up tall and proud after a week or two. Meantime, don't feed them, don't overwater them - just let them get on with their recovery and all will be well.

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You have a good point - if someone shook me out of my comfy home, I guess I WOULD feel a bit droopy! I'm glad to hear it's just a natural process in the transplanting process. I was worried I had done something wrong when moving them! I'll take your advice and let them do their own thing to recover :D

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