Peaches turn brown after opening

four_season_annie(6)February 6, 2013

Last year I froze peaches with my vacuum sealer. I can't remember, but I expect I doused them with some lemon juice to keep them from browning. When I defrost them, they aren't brown. The thing is, they are in one quart bags and we use them in the morning oatmeal so it takes a couple days to go through a bag. Each morning, the peaches at top of the jar are brown. I have floated lemon nice on top after scooping them out, doesn't really help. Still tastes good but oxidation is never nutritionally optimal.

Here's the question. I need the freezer space this summer for a side of beef, am willing to can peaches instead. I'd much rather do quarts for efficiency and cost of more jars. But will they turn brown on opening too or will they be more like a commercially canning peach in syrup that can hold once opened? Or should I just start thrifting for more pint jars now? My family never canned so I have actually never tasted a home canned peach, just my frozen ones. How does it differ?


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sharon_nc_40(7b NC)

I canned my peaches last year and they r just as pretty as they were when i put them in the jars and no they didnt turn brown after opening but i did use fruit fresh to keep them from turning brown,as long as i have been canning me my self i prefer canning most of my stuff rarely do i frezze anything to me canning taste better

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Same here. No browning even after opening as we use Fruit Fresh added to the syrup when canning them. You can even use the light syrup recipe and it still works.


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Same here. Used fruit fresh while preparing them for canning. The just followed the normal recipe depending on your desired syrup. Or, if you're fortunate enough to get a LOT of juice, canned in their own juice. No browning.

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Thanks all. Collecting jars project underway.

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I mostly put up peach jam or peaches for DD in weide-mouth pints for lunchbox, but I did do some pints. I've had an opened one in the fridge for 5 days now (just adding a few spoonfuls to a cup of yogurt now and then) and peaches aren't brown (though they were diced and are totally submerged). I just used 1 tsp Fruit Fresh per cup of syrup with a raw pack, as suggested by Linda Lou. No sprinkling with FF as cut up, no presoak, just dice the peaches, throw them in jars, bring syrup to boil, stir in FF and pour over the peaches.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

The variety correlates with browing issues. The popular northern grown hardy peach Reliance browns upon cutting more readily than other varieties. That is the main reason I no longer grow Reliance.

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Even the Red Haven peaches tend to turn brown if they get to the air. I've only used lemon juice, always felt Fruit Fresh was too expensive for me.

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