white spots on rosemary

kokumberFebruary 26, 2012


I am growing rosemary indoors, in a pot facing west, in NYC. I recently spotted white spots on a few of its leaves. Can anyone tell me what they are, and what I should do? Thanks!



Here is a link that might be useful: rosemary white spots

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Can't see your photo, but this time of year it's usually powdery mildew. Cut off the worst branches -- they won't recover because the fungus has penetrated the leaves. Then make up a mixture of one part any type of milk to 5-6 parts water, and drench the plant in the daytime, when it's in good light. Repeat in a week. Meanwhile, move the plant to a cool, drafty place like near a leaky window where it will get chilled to the mid 50's. These measures will hold the mildew at bay until new growth starts in a month or so.

Can you tell I've been there, done that?

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Thank you, planatus. If you are curious, the picutres is at the link in the original post, also linked from "rosemary white spots" at the bottom. thanks!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Your Picasa link says "sorry, that page was not found"

Try again to post a picture.

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Dont keep your Rosemary wet. It likes to be dry esp if its indoors. Keep in a very sunny window. You want it to completely dry out before watering. Almost like its begging for water.

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