Oh Happy Day! My Italian Parsley seeded!

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bFebruary 3, 2009

Wow! My parsley was beautiful, and then it started blooming! Yikes! I cut the blooms hoping to encourage it to grow, but that didn't work! It died, and I bought a new parsley plant. Evidently my diligent cutting of blooms missed one because I noticed a baby parsley growing right by the front door! I made sure it has water and a little sign so the gardeners don't think it's a weed and pull it out!

This re-seeding thing is great!! Free plants!

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Let this one go next year to see if it blooms and has seeds. Parsley as you have noticed is a biennial. Grows one year, to be used for food by cutting. Blooms second year, to set seeds but also the catapillers eat the foliage and if seeds form and drop you will have plants the year after.

Something always eats my seeds and/or they don't like my soil so I try to have a new plant and leave the old one for the butterflys. Sort of magic to see the butterflies on the flower heads then the little black specks that grown into pillers. The pillers disappear one day then about a month later if you are lucky you may find a butterfly on the wall where you can watch it's wings slowly fill and expand. When the leaves are filled and dry watching your own butterfly go away is a thrill.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

hmmmmm Nothing seems to eat my parsley. But my basil? OMG!! And something eats my Jalepeno Pepper leaves. However, whoever does this stays well away from the peppers!

Maybe there are zone related insects? It gets HOT here in the summer, and pleasant in the winter. No snow ever.

I have found a lot of herbs do well in the shade here. It's just so very hot!! Sort of like a greenhouse for them? They fry in the sun!

I'm glad you have butterflies. I've never seen one here. A few spiders, but they aren't really fun to watch.

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Desertdance, a suggestion to see butterflies is to build a dripping water feature allowing the water to drip on a slanted rock. The bamboo drippers you see in stores would work. Get a small water pump, dig a hole deep enough to bury a container. The container should be wide enough to contain the pump and the main rock. Put container in ground, Put the pump in the container add enough water to submerge pump, set at lowest speed, plug in to make certain it works. If works unplug and put a screen arround the pump. I have used pantyhose bought for the purpose (I don't wear them)using the opening for the various wires, spouts etc. Put covered pump back in water. Keep wires etc hanging over edge of container. It is a B***H to fish them out. Start layering rocks or gravel to almost top of container. Place large rock where water will drip over it. Add additional water to surface of layered rocks with main rock sticking above so that water will run over surface. Turn on pump and let rock become saturated. Early in the morning you may have butterflies come. The moistened rock releases small amounts of minerals that the butterflies use in their bodies along with a small amount of water. Be aware that in a hot dry climate until the rocks become saturated you may have to add water to prevent the pump from burning up. This may atract bees and other things so expect the unexpected.

I have seen in magazines something similar using an oval 3-5 gallon metal planter that had 2-3 inches of the container exposed so you have an additional visual effect. Think oval laundry basket shape except metal. A water pump in a tin tub is an other effect.

If you have a World Market in your area they sometimes have bamboo drippers in kits and a selection of containers.

I can not go to World Market very often because they carry Lindt chocolate bars about a $1.00 or so cheaper than any other store.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Thanks for your suggestion and detailed instructions. I clipped your post. I can see DH rolling his eyes now! LOL "You want me to do what?!!"

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