You can only have 10 Heucheras

on_greenthumbMay 5, 2013

Which ones do you pick? You can have multiples of the same, but why do you pick the ones you do?

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Berry Smoothie
Root Beer
Plum Pudding
Pretty Polly
Sweet Tea
Golden Zebra
Georgia Peach

They came back after winter for a 2nd year at my house.
They are putting up with my tom foolery and still living.

I pick by eyesight.

Addictive be careful. Paula

Get a Berry Smoothie you will not be sorry.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Heuchera Purple Palace - because it is so dependable
Southern Comfort - large size leaves, vigor, color
Caramel - color
Georgia Peach - color
Plum Pudding

These are my favorites because they compliment my Japanese ferns
Stainless Steel
Green Spice

As mentioned above.
Berry Smoothie

New this year but I like it......

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LOL sorry I just realized, I didn't post my list.....LOL

I'm building up my wish list for heucheras/heucherellas and I need 2 more to make my list 10 and thought I would picke everyone's brains on their favs. So far I have:
Delta Dawn
Midnight Rose
Brass Lanterns
Southern Comfort

So I think I'll be adding:
Georgia Peach and Stainless Steel to my list.

I already have:
Autumn Leaves
Snow Angel
Berry Smoothie
Purple Palace
Ginger Ale
Cherry Cola
Peppermint Spice
Silver Scrolls
Sweet Tea
and another one, I can't remember (looks like a purple palace so far this year)

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I'm terrible. I was out and about and bought one the other day. It's not even on my list.....LOL Creme Brulee.....I couldn't resist!!!

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marquest(z5 PA)

greenthumb you are not alone. I picked one up I swore just last week I was not going to ever buy again.

I had Snow Angel in my garden for 4 years. I babied this plant. It would struggle to come back every spring. I put it in a pot and it would grow a little and when it looked healthy I would put it back in the garden and it would suffer again.

Finally last year I let it die in the garden.

Well I was out and what did I buy?

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Not sure I'll come up with experience is limited.

1) "Caramel". If I ever lost this, I would definitely replace it. The color is stunning and so different. It looks absolutely great when planted near blue hosta plants ("Touch of Class" is planted next to mine and WOW").

2) "Green Spice". Just because I like it. Not crazy about it's flower, but I love the foilage.

3) "Obsidian" [I think I've got the name right]. I love the dark leaves.

4) "Cherrie's Jubilee". Because of the red-pink flowers. Foilage isn't bad either.

5) "Mahogany". I've only used it in pots. The foilage is so amazes me.

I see lots of others in catalogs and online, but the five above I have had experience with. I really like them. I'm anxious to continue following this thread so I can get some ideas for the future.

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I bought Berry Smoothy 2 years years ago as a baby. Its looking better this year. Which one is better, Berry or Georgia Peach? I was eyeballing it yesterday at the store :)

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I like them for different reasons.......different colours :)

I bought six newbies yesterday
Fire chief
Plum Royale
Southern comfort
Sweet tea
And another purple

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

I haven't had any luck with Miracle but love Tiramisu. From what I've read online Tiramisu is a more dependable heuchera. Binoche is one that is thriving for me.

Sometimes it's not the hosta itself that is the determinig factor but its state of development when you buy it.

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woodyswife(z5 OH)

Can Can, Caramel, Bressingham and good old reliable Palace Purple.....and always ready to try more.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

irawon, Ditto about Miracle vs. Tiramisu. Out of 4 Miracle planted 3 years ago, only one is alive, that one has shaded roots. Out of 4 Tiramisu planted at the same time, all are alive.

I just came back from a trip that included a stop at a nursery that always seems to have lots of choices in Heuchera. I have not had luck with anything in the Dolce series, so regretfully passed those by. Same thing with Tiarella or Heucherella: canâÂÂt keep them alive. I really like the ones with chartreuse or golden leaves, but they had nothing that was not in the Dolce series.

I have had 4 Caramel, only one is still alive. So I bought a buddy for it. I needed a similar color. I asked the nursery staff for advice about Caramel vs Southern Comfort. They said they sold equal numbers of both, which really did not tell me anything as to hardiness.

I think the fancy leaved Heuchera vary tremendously in hardiness. The toughest one I have is Obsidian. They are in full sun, and never miss a beat. I have 4 already, I bought 3 more to replace Plum Pudding that I also cannot keep alive. Purple Petticoats and Licorice I have had for at least 6 years: still going strong.

So my list of 10 would be:

Purple Petticoats

â¦okay, not 10. Though I must own at least 30-40, most of the rest are not outstanding performers. Even Palace Purple peters out after 8 or so years.

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Berry Smoothie - amazing purple. Unmatched.
Sweet Tea - Terrific oranges and reds. It is a heucherella, but still fits here I think.
Frosted Violet - The light-purple overlay is smoky and stunning
Binoche - so far, the darkest heuchera I have ever seen. Darker than Obsidian and Blackout
Dolce Licorice - You cannot beat the glossy black leaves and hot-pink under-leaves? What a stunner!
Hercules - Dappled green and white leaves with hot-pink flowers are an amazing contrast
Brass Lanterns Heucherella - The star-shaped leaves have maroon cneters and they give off white flowers. Just stunning.
Pinot Gris - This plant has shades of pink and grey, and they compliment so many other plants! Delicate colors and very girly. Enchanting.
Mysteria - A whole host of colors are in these leaves. It has the most profuse pink flowers of any heuchera. A front-of-the-border plant!
Crimson Curls - Reds, browns and pinks with curled edges lend great visual interest. My favorite are the caramel-colored spikes and cream-colored flowers. It is a shocking contrast!

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My varieties are limited, but here I have silver scrolls and Berry smoothy I believe next to spiderwort, and under a variegated red dogwoood :) silver scrolls will bloom all summer for me.

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Coral Cloud - nondescript green leaves, blooms prolifically spring till fall. Dense coral flowers, like in a magazine add.
Berry Smoothie - looked fantastic in last summers heat. Strong raspberry red, very hardy.
Snow Angel - not as big as Hercules, but more white splashed on the leaves. Not my favorite, but necessary to show the diversions of the species.
Stainless Steel - there are many silver leaved, metallic sheen varieties, but only one that actually looks steel grey.
Green Spice - it's just beautiful. Hardy, big, heat tolerant, the only thing wrong with it is it hasn't multiplied like crazy. After eight years i only have four.
Sashay - green top curled leaf, plum underneath, big plant with tall, strong stemmed flowers. Striking.
Obsidian - not really black, but certainly a vicious dark purple. Strong stemmed pale pink flowers that tower over the foliage seemingly non- stop.
Solar Eclipse - forget Tiramisu, and Miracle, for constant changing of leaf color, this is it.
Sweet Tea - strong, hardy, prolific. It is a good size, stunning orange shades, and my número UNO.
Citronelle - I had to include one of the chartreuse varieties, this is very hardy, grows med- fast and has even given me citron seedlings. Pistache is larger, not as prolific. Lime Ricky died, Lime Marmalade looks exactly the same as the day I bought it a year or more ago.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

In my garden are:

1. Binoche - gorgeous and still in pot from last year
2. Palace Purple - slowly declining..time to split
3. Dale's Strain - doing great..a Cdn. Tire purchase!
4. Fire Chief - smallish, 2 yrs old
5. Mahogany - smallish, 2 yrs old but bright
6. Key lime pie - smallish, in very dry area but under spirea and doing ok
7. Blackout - 2 yrs old from WalMart, doing great, very shiny
8. Sashay - 3 yrs old, performing great, lots of flowers
9. The Original one with fluorescent pink flowers - unstoppable and there are sporadic blooms long into October

  1. Similar to Original but with red flowers..still young but blooming
  2. Vesuvius - 3 yrs in present location, doing fine
  3. Green Spice - only surviving, I tried to save it...pill bugs took up residence under it, I saved crowns that had new growth...from a huge plant I only have 2 little pieces
  4. Creme Brûlée - new last year, still in pot
  5. Georgia Peach - under deck with hosta and very happy

OMG! Until I listed them I had no idea I had so many. Topic is for 10 only...who knew??????

These are scattered throughout the beds, with variying degrees of sunlight, shade...some receiving sun all day - and wind - and heat, and they are fine. Some could be 'finer' after seeing your pics.

I think the reason my transplants don't do so well is because I stick them back in the ground instead of in a pot, until they perk up and set out enough new growth. I do keep an eye out and water as necessary, keep the crown above soil level, even cut down on sunlight, but they could be stronger...what else should I be doing?

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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

'Amber Waves'
'Autumn Leaves'
'Autumn Leaves'
'Berry Smoothie'
'Ginger Ale'
'Ginger Peach'
'Green Spice'
'Lime Rickey'
'Midnight Rose'
'Midnight Ruffles'
'Plum Royale'

All for color.

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I have ordered Berry Smoothie and it would be on my list. I've wanted it for a long time.
Pinot Gris
Dolce Key Lime Pie
Fire Alarm - new this year but the bright red color is amazing
Georgia Peach - also new this year
Georgia Plum - would have been on my list, but it looks like it has died while we were on vacation last week. I have it in a pot to see if it will put back out. The purple color is beautiful.
Redstone Falls heucherella

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