Popbean update

torquill(z9/sunset15 CA)July 18, 2004

Some of you may recall that I planted a pot with nunas, Peruvian popbeans. I planted from an assortment, and picked two each of four types from the mix. (I also planted a different one elsewhere, but it hasn't had time to come up yet.)

They are definitely vining plants -- five feet and still reaching. I've had a few problems with lack of water and heat; more than many beans, I think these want a little more water and a bit less of the hot sun. Mine are shaded during the hottest sun, and I think it's helped.

Some got stressed but recovered well, and are behind a bit; the biggest, however (I think it was a white seed) has not only put out flowers, it's giving me two pods with at least one bulge each. Given the info out there about daylength sensitivity, I'll be interested to see whether all of them bloom before early September or whether it's just one or two of the five strains I'm trying right now.

I was starting very small with these, to get a feel for habit and climate requirements -- I'll be planning more for next year, in one of the spots that gets afternoon shade. But it does look as though there are some that would happily grow in places farther north, as they may like summer rains and slightly cooler temps than I get in my blazing yard. The daylength issue was the only barrier.

I'll keep notes on which ones seem to be the most adaptable, and I may have a much better idea of what I have by the end of next growing season.


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swvirginiadave(z6 VA)

Interesting to hear your update. I saw your thread in May and was wondering if you'd get any to flower. What's your current daylength? Are any of the other varieties developing buds? My climate here in mountainous Virginia would probably be better as far as temp/rainfall but the daylength is significantly longer in the summer--almost 15 hours currently. Would definitely have to trick them. Keep us posted on the progress.

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torquill(z9/sunset15 CA)

Current daylength is probably a little over 14 hours -- not nearly the 12 I expected. There wasn't much pause before flowering, either, so it looked like a maturity rather than a daylength issue. Keep in mind, BTW, we do have long enough days to trigger long-day onions. (I have a Walla-Walla 4.5" across that I'm secretly praying will start to die back soon -- the world doesn't need sweet onions the size of bowling balls. It just keeps growing.)

I currently have two nunas flowering, I believe they are the same color (strain). None of the others have shown an interest, including a dark speckled variety that shows red veined leaves. Again, though, they've been stressed.

I don't know enough about daylength issues to say how much fudge room there is in requirements, and I suspect it varies depending on species and variety. Still, one started developing flower buds at the beginning of the month, very close to the solstice when we have 16+ hour days (from 5am to 9pm). I'd say that's not very daylength sensitive.

More data is needed for sure. I'll start planning next year's layout sometime around September, and there will be several bean lines planned. Gotta get more fenceposts...


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