Weak basil leaves with picture/sage side question.

southport8February 24, 2013


First time growing any herb. I have a 300 watt MH like 30 inches above these. I'm trying not to water them as you can see. These are the last 4 out of 10. I am thinking it is because I sprayed them with water in the middle of their light cycle and it possible burnt the leaves because they were so small to begin with?

So main questions are, what is this? how close to a 300 watt light should herbs generally be? and how often would you water basil? I'm scared of root rott, I see alot regarding that.

Regarding the sage plants started at the same time. They are the same distance away from the basil. I am having trouble with them being too long and weak. I feel the stem to leaf growth ratio is way too high on the stem side. They fall over, and now I have them supported by chop sticks with yarn. They are still growing and 2 of them are now falling over above their yarn piece. They look good though.

Thank you so much. This is the only place I can find with normal people with real life experiences growing plants, which I love.

So thank you!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

No picture. If you edit after inserting the picture you need to put it in again.

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ahh thank you, bummer. I'll have to re-attach when I get home.

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Ok here is the picture, hopefully it uploaded...having some trouble.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I have never grown anything under lights so cannot offer any help with that. But the new centre leaves of your basil look fine so I'd be inclined to ignore the imperfections. The medium on the front plants looks a little dry and I wonder if the peat(?) pots are also dry and wicking moisture away from the roots? Can you tear those pots a bit? They need to be moist so the roots can get out. I would also not have them sticking out above the medium as that, too, will wick away moisture. Bury the rims below the surface of the medium. Peat pots are not really liked by many experienced growers.

The way you describe your sage sounds as if it is not getting enough light.

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Very strange, the sage has been 18 inches away from the light. It almost looks like it doesn't have enough light by the way it's stretching. I've put a fan on them full-time now, maybe that will help build a stronger stem.

The basil today looks even more collapsed...however, the other plants have been starting new central leaves.

I will check the material of my new starter cubes that I just recently bought, I hope those dont have problems for I bought 100.

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