What plant is this ??

illygirl98(z5 IL)July 31, 2006

A friend found this on the net, but the person selling it had / has no clue what the name of the plant is.

Here is the descritpion that was posted with the picture.. "I found this plant growing by an old homesite dating back to the Civil War. I have no idea what it is called. It appears to be a perennial. It is shrub looking. It has small white blooms. The fruit turns red. I tasted one, and it has a watermelon taste. This is the only where that I have seen these plants growing. They seem to be doing best in shade. If anyone has an idea of what these might be please let me know. The seeds look like pepper or tomato seeds."

The photo of this plant can be seen on my website ..


Any information on this plant would be dearly appreciated. Thank you. illygirl98

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It looks very much like either Solanum capsicastrum or Solanum pseudocapsicum. An ornamental plant with poisonous berries...

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illygirl, the photo looks like a plant I had once, its a houseplant in the north, if i'm not mistaking I think its called jerusalem cherry, or some type of cherry. I'll try and look it up. The berries are not poisonous at all and can be eaten.

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Just have to say that no one should be eating berries or other plant material if they don't know what it is. There are lots of poisonous plants, especially in the nightshade family.

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It's a Jerusalem Cherry and the cherries are poisonous. Our neighbor's dog ate mom's plant and died. LauraKay

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