Basil experiment

gjcoreFebruary 10, 2014

Sometime back in December I decided to try growing basil indoors under grow lights/south window. They have actually done fairly well. Been able to harvest 20-30 leaves about 4 times per week to add to salads. The sweet basil, fino verde and siam queen are reasonably tasty the lime less so.

Anyways if I don't run out of space in my grow light area, which is a real possibility, I was thinking of keeping these basil plants going. Maybe just keep 2 of each variety as mother plants and harvest the rest. Then when the time comes I could take cuttings and rapidly increase the amount of plants. Theoretically these will be mostly sold at the plant sales.

Is this reasonable expectations? Am I setting myself up for cuttings that rapidly want to flower?

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chervil2(z5 MA)

Even if your cuttings show signs of flowering, you can extend their vitality by pinching off the growing buds.

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I grew thai basil in the ground 2 years ago, at the end of last summer it was 4ft tall and 4ft wide and 2ft deep.
that was just from it re-seeding itself.
i could have harvested several pounds.
they will grow fast with light and sun. i kept a few different ones in my greenhouse this winter, i pinch off everything over about 18 inches to encourage branching and bushyness...
really depends on how much sun you can give it

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Thanks for the responses.

I would love to give it as much sun as possible but it's going to be difficult until April. Even then I would need to move one of my coldframes and make it a hotbox. 3rd week of May before basil can go outside here. So for now it's under the T8 lights near the window.

I've been pinching back also and they're fairly bushy. Some of them have been trying to flower. I'm mostly keeping on top of that.

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