fyi-perlite at hd

coffeemom(Broward z10)June 23, 2012

My HD had large bags of Perlite/$17 and Vermiculite/$20 for sale. They were not the huge brown bags I used to buy from them but were a good size. I wanted to pick up the last Perlite they had to check for more information but it had a hole in it so I didn't mess with it. I couldn't tell you if it's more economical.

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I found the large bags of perlite here at HD here in St. Pete. They started carrying it in March I think.

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I got a giant bag of perlite at Neeld-Gordon Feed Store, on 13 Ave No. abt. 19 St,.. also bags of Black Hen, Alfalfa pellets, and other organic stuff HD does not carry, and it's cheaper than HD. also it's like a walk back in time, w/a pot-bellied stove, wood floors, and old implements from 100 years ago... a real treat...sally

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