Prescott Fond non-Blanc?

winnjoe(MTL)July 24, 2005

Amy Goldman mentions in her book that there are Prescott Fond Blanc that are different colours. Does anyone grow those? Joe

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I opened one of my SSE YEarbooks at random and found Prescott Gros Hatif, also known as Prescott Early Frame, which has "oval fruit, some warting, very pale background color with dark green blotching, from INRA.

The person who has introduced so many wonderful French melons to SSE and thence from there to many others, such as Baker Creek, etc is Bruno Defay of France. Many of them he rescued from INRA, which is the French National Inst of Agronomic Reesearch, kind of like our USDA.

It's thanks to Bruno that the better known Prescott FOnd Black appeared here and so many others.

AS I understand it from reading, the Prescott name was given to those melons grown in the area of Paris.

The above two are the only ones I know of offhand but others have been alluded to/reported. Prescott is a general name, as I said, that was given to melons grown in the Paris area and they were named after an English gardener named Prescott.

For you Joe, the link below, in French, just for you. LOL

But at sometime if you're interested in melon history, go to Google and read the wonderful melon history done by Wesley Green at Colonial Williamsburg. He's done extensive research on many vegetables and fruits, all online, and they are a treat to read, in English I might add. ( smile)

Carolyn, who just has to give Joe a hard time re all the various languages he knows. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: French Melons

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Bardzo dziekuje, pani doktor Carolyn! Joe (I can't get the accent right somehow: it appears when I paste but changes when I hit 'preview')

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