What do spearmint sprouts look like?

primavera_growerFebruary 12, 2009

I planted spearmint for the first time but I planted it next to the coriander so I'm not quite sure if the sprouts sprouting are mint. I THINK they are because the seeds were TINY and the sprouts are TINY too. I could probably wait and find but I was SO excited when I saw them poking out that I just couldn't wait!! But I would like to make sure, so can anyone give a description of what they look like?

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Depending on the company some seed companies have a small drawing of what the new plants will look like when they develope their first leaves. most coriander I have had emerged from the soil with a long shoot then the seedleaf.

Just enjoy the thrill of gardening as one of these days you will have a hard rain just after you plant mixing everything.

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Okay thanks maifleur. That helps. Now I can distinguish the mint fromt the coriander, because the mint doesn't look like that.

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