how to grow ashwagandha

zengeos(5 Maine)February 24, 2008

Just curious...can't seem mto find info on sowing depth for ashwagandha seed.

Any help out there?

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Sprinkle tiny seeds onto the surface and rake in lightly. Supply water by misting regularly or by watering from the bottom. Surface must not dry out at any time until the seedlings have developed a deep root system, but must also never be wet as this will encourage fungal rot. High humidity is advantageous for initial germination, but will encourage fungal problems soon after. Seedlings may be transplanted when 10cm tall. Germination should be expected within two weeks. Water generously while young and more sparingly when older.

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zengeos(5 Maine)

I was going to start quite a few seedlings in the peat and coir pellets. Would these work ok for Ashwagandha? Or do you recommend a basic soilless mix of peat and perl/vermiculite?

I have about 40 herbs I plan on starting this year, 1/2 to start inside and 1/2 direct or winter sown. I was hoping to do 3-6 of each herb, in case of poor germination or other problems. The peat pellet and coir pellet trays @ HD seemed like a good way to start things.

Am I wrong?


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I start my ashwagandha in peat pellets each year. I don't bother covering the seeds. They always have a good germination, given moist conditions. Just don't let the water sit in the pot that you have the peat pellets in. I transplant my ashwagandha after ALL chance of frost is gone, end of May around here in zone 5. I usually plant in a deep pot (like 2-3 feet deep). Then, harvesting the roots in the fall is easy peasy.

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zengeos(5 Maine)

how far ahead do you start yours betty?

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I've started mine already. Maybe 10 days ago or so. I like a jump on the season as they love heat so much. I've gotten them to bloom when we have had a long growing season and the first autumn frost has held off a long time, but not been able to grow them long enough to get seed. So, I keep ordering seed, and harvest those wonderful roots.

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zengeos(5 Maine)

Thanks Betty, I'll start mine tomorrow, then. I was going to try to order a heat mat, but my basement is around 70-75 degrees, as the growlights are next to the furnace.

so, 12 seeds are going into 6 peat pots with potting mix, unless the coir or peat pellets are better for starting the seeds?

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