Cilantro sp?

TherryFebruary 24, 2012

Hello everyone, I'm new at gardening. The other day when I was taking my son out on a walk I found an un opened seed pack of cilantro on the side of the road near the curb. It was a little damp, does this mean it's "bad" or is it still safe enough to plant and use?


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I would go ahead and plant the seeds. If the plants smell and taste like cilantro when they come up, they should be good. If the seeds are spoiled, they won't sprout.

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Yea. Since the seeds were 'free' then you have nothing to lose other than a wee bit of dirt. Good luck!

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Thanks alot!

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You did not post your zone but here in the Houston area you just might be too late to harvest the leafs but then it should bolt and you and save the seeds to plant next fall for a nice crop during our cool season.

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Plant them, they could be magic seeds!!!! :)

I have a cilantro question. How close do you plant the seeds, then thin? Do you thin? Just want to hear some tips.

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