Newbury Daylilies??

Maryl zone 7aJuly 15, 2012

Anyone ordered from them before? I've checked the usual place (dav*es GW), but don't see any reports newer then 2010...Thank you Maryl

Here is a link that might be useful: Newbury Daylilies

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Maryl, don't know if this will be any help to you but I went to my excel spreadsheet to see what I had bought from Newbury Daylilies. They were purchased in 2009 but all are doing extremely well. I have Apricot Jade, Orange Jade, Priceless Pearl and Holly Dancer. Orange Jade is my favorite.


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Maryl zone 7a

thanks Dixie. That does help in a way. I had Orange Jade on my long list and hadn't noticed that Newbury carries it. Can you tell me if it is colorfast or does it fade by late afternoon......Maryl

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I didn't notice it fading like my reds do but with our temps as high as they were I didn't spend as much time looking at all of my dls as I would if the weather had been more pleasant. I don't know if they still have Orange Jade but that is where I got mine in 2009. I'll try to include a pic of mine but I"m not a great photographer. I mainly just took pictures as a record that they bloomed this year.


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Maryl zone 7a

Dixie that's a great picture. You ought to think about posting some pictures on this forum. I appreciate your information on your experience with this daylily, and I agree. When it's this hot (100 or so here) I don't stand around gazing at flowers either. They need to make an immediate impact..... Seems like no one has bought from Newbury daylilies recently. However the information on Orange Jade you gave me makes this post valuable to me...Thank you....Maryl

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Maryl, I"m sure many people have bought from various sellers and just didn't post any reviews. I'm sure I've missed a few in the years I've been growing daylilies. Some buyers may not even know about the Watchdog. It sure is a valuable tool for me. Kept me from making some gigantic mistakes.

Thanks for the compliment on the pic.


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