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coxy(6)May 10, 2013

I just had deliveries from 3 different sources for Heuchera. Romence, Mason Hollow and Garden Harvest Supply. The prices were all very close but the plant size varied pretty significantly. The order in which I listed them correlate to my level of satisfaction. All plants were alive and healthy and all were packed properly but the Romence stock was twice as large as the Mason Hollow and 3 times the size of
Garden Harvest. I would order from the first 2 again and Garden Harvest only if they had something the others didn't. Those and the ones from Home Depot and Lowes put me at about 25 new ones this year. I will say that I found Midnight Rose at Lowes for 12.99 and they were the biggest. I was frustrated because I had ordered them from 2 of the mail order sources which were so much smaller for the same price.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

The one you purchased from Lowe's has spent the last couple of months on steroids. They have been pampered and pushed to the fullest. I have some too and they are great. The plant from the mail order are from a field some where in America and are growing more ala natural.

This was my first year ordering from Romance. I was pleased with the heucheras and hostas I did get. I will go back for more. Have not tried Mason Hollow but I have an idea I am going there after this post. Garden Harvest smaller plants but still growing. Have not reordered.

Bluestone is another great source for Heucheras. Second time ordering from them. Santa Rosa is another that I have ordered from twice.

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