F.R.O.G Jam

jenalind(10b)February 26, 2013

Does anyone have a safe F.R.O.G. jam recipe for canning? I found this recipe, but I do not know if it is safe to use. Also, it appears different from other frog jams I have eaten, which have had orange peel and jalapeno in them. Would it be safe to add the peel and jalapeno? Would the recipe need adjusted somewhere else to compensate for the additions? Thank you. =)

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I must admit up front that neither I nor my wife, who is the jam/jelly expert in the family, had ever heard of FROG jam and had to Google it to even know what we are talking about.

Fig, raspberry (gelatin in most recipes), orange, and ginger jam is apparently a commercial product, and no, as far as i can determine, no tested and approved recipe for it exists. This doesn't mean there may not be one that others may know of but I sure can't find one in all my resources.

Given the low acid ingredients, made even more so with the addition of jalapeno to it, I'm not sure how one would insure sufficient acidity.

In the approved fig jam recipes 4 cups of mashed figs requires 1/2 cup lemon juice but the Fig-Strawberry (gelatin) recipe requires no additional acid.

So does that mean we can "assume" the raspberry gelatin, like the strawberry gelatin, is sufficient to cover the figs and ginger and jalpenos? I don't think so. If fresh raspberries rather than gelatin are used as in the recipe you linked, is that plus the 1/2 cup orange juice and 1TSP lemon juice enough acid? Probably, but not if you add jalapenos.

Bottom line - I would be comfortable with the recipe you linked (clickable link below) and I see no problem with adding the orange peel. But the jalapenos? I don't think so.

It is all speculation so its a do at your own risk recipe with molds being the only real concern given all the sugar.

Hope this helps - somehow.


Here is a link that might be useful: FROG jam recipe

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Thank you for your quick and informed response Dave. I believe if i do make it, I'll do it to refigerate and consume immediately or just continue purchasing it when i can find it in the store.

I looked at the commercial jar that I have and discovered that this particular FROG jam is called Hopping FROG jam. I guess the jalapeno makes it "hopping". =P I do know it is an amazing jam.

Thank you again for your timely response.


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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

Dave new to making jams, but quick question If adding jalpenos (small amount just for heat) would that really effect the acid ratio? What about increaseing lemon juice by a small amount? Just curious, its more for my FYI.

Thanks Dave


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

If adding jalpenos (small amount just for heat) would that really effect the acid ratio? What about increaseing lemon juice by a small amount?

Really affect it? Yes because jalapenos are very low acid (5.6-5.9) and because pH increases exponentially. So even a small amount could easily push you over the line.

Sure you could add more lemon juice but the question would be how much and what would 'enough' do to the taste? It becomes guess work, trying to balance safety with taste.

But honestly the real issue is how much is "a small amount"? It's like 'salt and pepper to taste'. Each person defines it differently?

If one really needed that jalapeno kick then I suppose they could use dried jalapenos. Just reconstitute them first in the orange juice or lemon juice. Recipes such as that where something is added just for flavoring is a good place to use the dried vegetable powders like tomato powder, chili powder, hot pepper powder, onion powder, etc..


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