lime green heuchera with scorched leaves????

othertime(7)May 30, 2013

I have three lime green heucheras that are having some issues. All the plants seem to like there position but the lime green ones. They have been growing like gangbusters but are now developing leaves that have this scorch look to them. They get morining sun till about noon. I am in Northern va and they are on the north east side of the house but get shade from noon on.

I put some holly tone around them just as a general fertilizer at low rates and have been watering once a week deep.

Anyone have any ideas??? Thanks

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second picture

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grouping picture

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

How old is the garden? Some of mine seem to loose a few when establishing themselves. Very pretty layout. Keep us posted with updates. I am in my 2nd year with heuchera so I am still learning. Paula

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Really nice color combos! Very inspirational too :-)

Sorry I have no advise about the burn other than the ferts might be too rich for the light color ones. You may need to apply it at a much lower rate than you do the darker heuchs.

Hopefully with time it will settle down.


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Thanks for the comments. I planted this row last fall so its a relatively new bed. Kind of miffed as why only the lime green plants are scorching. Maybe it has to do with the how light they are.????

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jan_on zone 5b

I have a lime green in a row of other colours - it is also the only one that seems to scorch. It is large and healthy looking otherwise - I just remove the offending leaves and it doesn't seem to mind a bit. It gets morning sun, but really doesn't seem to like hot days much.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I've had the same problem. It is just too much sun for that color. I had to move mine. .

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linnea56(z5 IL)

BTW, I really like the reddish leaved one. Can you tell us which one is that?

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They green heuchera seems to be growing but still getting the scorched leaves. Each green one put out about 5 new coral bell flower stocks this past week so they have to atleast enjoy a little bit of the area they are in.

Linnea56...I think the red one are called "fire alarm" but will check when I get home and repost if they are not.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Thanks! That red is really eye catching. My "burnt" lime green ones still bloomed; but my dark brown patches looked just like yours. Even a year after planting they still did that. I thought it was too unsightly. I moved them (the ones that lived).

FWIW: I bought a similarly crispy Tiramisu that was marked down some time after. I knew what was wrong with it. I planted it in the shady conditions it likes and it has flourished ever since.

What variety is the problematic green one? I keep hoping IâÂÂll find a yellow green or gold that does not have this problem.

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Gorgeous bed of heuchs...I'm envious!

While reading about heucheras, I learned that the darker the leaf color, the more sun tolerant the plant. The dark purple ones are the most sun tolerant and the lime green ones are the least sun tolerant and everything else falls in between the two. I'm guessing that the bed you have them in gets a fair amount of sun and while your purples thrive, your limes are taking a beating.

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