Favorite Heirloom Cherry (Or Grape) Tomato This Year?

sherilou_2010(8)August 3, 2010

Which heirloom cherry tomato (or heirloom grape tomato) is your favorite in your garden this year? Please tell us why, if you have time. Thank you!

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Black Cherry did great for me! Good yields and delicious flavor.

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My all time favorite and the only one I grow now is Golden Nugget. I tested a lot of heirloom tomatoes and these grow in semi shade, are abundant and don't split when the rains come. Oh yes, they taste great too. Mine actually run about an inch. A few are larger. I have grown them in pots as well as in the ground. They need a little staking.

Here is some info. You can get them at many places:

Open pollinated. 60 days.

Determinate. Compact 24 plants support a heavy crop of early bright-golden 1.5" fruits. These garden gems have a rich well-balanced flavor. Most fruits are seedless and resist cracking. A prolific and decorative plant for the home garden. Developed and released by Dr. James Baggett Oregon State University, Dept. of Horticulture.

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Sugar Lump a.k.a. Gardener's Delight ended-up being my favorite in 2010. I like a sweet cherry tomato and Sugar Lump was sweeter than Snow White, Porter's Dark Cherry and even sweeter than the hybrid Sweet 100!!

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

My favorite is "Elfin", an OP grape tomato. Meaty with few seeds, and pleasantly sweet without being "fruity". Huge yields on compact bushes that require no training. Cut in half, they dehydrate very easily. My source was a seed swap; but Tomato Growers Supply & Tomatofest both carry it.

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Black cherry is my favorite, but I don't grow many cherry tomatoes.

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I've grown many heirloom cherry tomato plants.

The only cherry/grape tomato I've grown every year is Green Grape.

I understand green grape was bred by Tom Wagner, a US plant breeder from Washington State by crossing Yellow Pear with Evergreen and released it in 1978. I found this fact very interesting because I live in Washington State and I've grown both Evergreen and Yellow Pear. I enjoy Evergreen, but the Yellow Pear taste is bland and the texture mealy.

Green Grape has a mixture sweet and tart taste. The seeds are tiny in comparison to other cherry/grape tomato seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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