how do I find certain plant for sale near me?Fiddle leaf fig tree

dirtymartiniJune 23, 2011

I want an indoor fiddle leaf fig tree...I believe it is a type of ficus? I have been googling, called a few nurseries....what should I do, just keep calling around? I am in western Broward county. Thank you! I love the 70's look of that indoor plant!

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I have seen some in Home Depot. Try calling them.

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Lowe's has them too. And if you have a place in your area that provides offices with plants (we have Tropex and plant parents), they often have sales and you can get huge plants for cheap!

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thank you, starry and hester. I have called 3 different HDs, and 2 different Lowes. I guess I should just call others? Thanks again, I will keep checking this thread, see if anyone in my area has spotted one or has a different tip or suggestion.

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Go to Jeff Searle's- he has everything :)

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You might keep in mind that some folks at the stores have no idea about plant names and may very well have it but not know it's name

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hd.......delray plants....3 & 5 gallon.......had them in tamarac, fl. in the ground....get huge in the! talk to the mgr., get some results. see them!......:)

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off to google Jeff Searles....thanks cear!

starry-you know...I have been finding that out over the years. It is very disappointing!

Hi walli! Good to see you again. I have not been here in awhile. Got my spanish moss hanging from my trees...still envious of all yours up there in deLand! Ok, so, you are saying home depot in delray? I definitely want it as an indoor houseplant. I want a nice woven basket pot...going for that "1970s" vibe in my 1970s ranch house we are renovating! I mean...we aren't putting in orange shag carpeting or wood paneling or avocado colored appliances, lol...just like a little sprinkling of that look. :)

thanks again if you see this tree anywhere in particular...I am going to call the HD in Delray.

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Lowes on 441 and Palmetto Park Road (West Boca) has them in 15-gallon cans. There must have been a half dozen of them there last week.

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suddensam(10 Boynton Beach)

Find a plant and take some cuttings, they start easy and grow 5 foot a year.
Plant em if you got em.

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OMG, fawn, I am very familiar with that parents just sold their home in Loggers Run (Winding Lakes) last year after living there 15 years. I will head up there this week! Thanks!

Sam-I did not know that I could propogate, thank you! I don't know anyone that has this particular tree...and I want one quick cuz I want to be the first amongst my friends to get one...I keep seeing them in many decorating sites and blogs. So maybe if any of my friends want one, I can give them a piece of mine.

here is a blog that made me start googling!

Thanks again!

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delray plants nursery is the grower for home depot. they have them in three gallon for 9.99 or seven gallon for 29.00....any hd can get them, need to get with the "tropic care" person at home depot, tropic care does the ordering and daily care of the tropicals. they are like a subcontractor for depot on all of delray plants nursery items....they have a massive list of stuff they can order!

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Hi again and thank you! You think that with all the HDs and Lowes I have called and visited, someone would have suggested that! Anyway, fawnridge is on the case...gonna check a certain Lowes up in Boca (about 30 min north of me) that the trees were spotted at last week. When I one knew what I was talking about, didn't seem like they really even checked.

thanks again!

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