pink banana squash

Greenacres64(Ca)August 1, 2002

howdy there

Any one have any idea what these look like as the grow. I planted so squash and they look similar to a summer squash. Any info would be nice thanx.


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Just kinda what to know. What does it look like as it is growing? Before mature.


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CatNTree(z5 ME)

One I'd like to try

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I grow pink banana squash.
Last year I picked them when they were little and ate them as a summer squash.
I let some of them grow big and ate them like a butternut squash.
Excellent squash, easy to grow, great taste.

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JardandeLune(z6 OK)

I grow Pink Banana Squash. I love it. I won't be planting much if any yellow summer squash next year because this squash is so versatile. I pick it small (12-14 inches is small for this squash) for frying (like yellow squash) this is probably a southern thing. It can be steamed or just about anything you would do with winter squash at anytime after that. The size of this plant is super gigantic, though. The one I grew this year stretches a full 40 feet in every direction with leaves bigger than dinner plates which are held very upright. Auwsome plant great tasting squash. Can be sliced and eaten raw. Great keeper. Can't say enough good stuff about this squash. I joined this group hoping to find out what others have to say about it, so please respond if you know and grow it.

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I was so excited about your thread, I had to tell you that I was given this squash by a friend last summer. Boy, did it feed lots of people and I made the greatest Curried Squash Soup & had pints of the pureed, cooked squash for the middle of out cold last winter for a myriad of recipes. Never heard of it or cooked it B4. What bounty!

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giant_pumpkin(8 Ga)

Any one got a few seed to swap?.I grow giant pkins,,like to trade for a few pink banana sq...Thanks...Jeff

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winane(z9 CA)

yes..we have a few of them growing in the garden right now. they are huge..each must weigh in around 40 or 50 lbs hehehe. i don't know as yet who we will be sharing it with!! it's just the two of us at the dinner table :))

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lunamoon(5 MA)

I'm growing this for the first time this year also. Are they pink from the beginning or do they ripen to that color? Mine is yellow so I'm wondering if I got the seeds mixed up....... The plant is pretty big like JardandeLune mentioned. Mine is close to 20 feet long.

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JardandeLune(z6 OK)

Haven't checked in for a long time. Pink banana squash is yellow in colour for quite some time, then turns pinkish when quite large. Good keeper--it is June and I still have one keeping from last summer. Good luck to all you squash growers for the new season!!

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Jeffmm2(z6 NY)


Does Pink Banana squash have a good taste unlike hybrid summer squash?

I live in Zone 6a. Will the 100 day PB squash grow to maturity with enough fruit to produce over summer?

Also, where can you get the seeds for this variety?



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anna_z7(the twilight...)

My first year growing this variety also, so please tell me the plant isn't really 40' wide!!

I thought it was a bush variety ...


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flodhesten(z7 Denmark)

I have started a few plants of green banana squash. Does anybody know if it will be similar to pink banana? Or should I expect something quite different.

Thanks Soren.

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anna_z7(the twilight...)

What a relief!

I found my seed packet and it does say that the variety I planted is 'bush pink banana' & an additional note states 'compact bush plants' - WHEW!!

Packaged by Burpee and purchased at Wal-mart, the description says it is a half-size banana squash at 12-16#.

So now I'm wondering if this means it's a hybrid...

Soren, could you mean blue banana squash? I was unable to locate info on a green variety but that's not saying much as I also had no luck locating a bush variety online. You do get credit/blame when I find & grow that rainbow squash!

Here's a link about the blue - it's down the page a bit.


Here is a link that might be useful: blue banana squash

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Kathy7(z7 SWOK)


"--it is June and I still have one keeping from last summer."

Just wondering how do you store this squash so you can keep it so long? I have never tried to grow it but it really sounds interesting. I'm not sure how I would use up that much squash with just 2 of us though. LOL.


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I use it to make pumpkin pie, it is better than any pumpkin as a filler.

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I would love to try growing this come spring, it sounds interesting if anyone has any seeds to spare. Take a look at my list if your willing to share. Thanks, trudyjean

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SuAnne(z8 WA)

Does anyone know why it is called 'banana'?

Is there any cross in the seed with bananas? I have a sever 'latex' allergy and eating this squash would be deadly for me. Please don't laugh, I am truly serious about this.

Is there anyone that can assist me?

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Banana is a common name to this squash. Pink banana looks like it is a reference to its shape and color. Not really sure what your trying to ask? It is in no way related to musa genus.

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mistercross(z6b Ozarks)

Right. SuAnne, the name comes from the shape, as with "banana peppers." The picture above is pretty straight, but some are more curved. Look up "banana squash" in Google Images for more pictures.

I wasn't aware that latex allergy can be related to other food allergies. For those similarly unaware, apparently natural latex is a plant product and a reaction to a plant protein can cause problems with some foods. lists some foods (under the heading "Cross-Reactive Allergens").

Since melons are listed, maybe you should use caution. Squash are related to pumpkin, cantaloupe, cucumber, and watermelon. But the melon relationship might be distant enough for safety.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

We grow pink banana squash on alternate years, dedicating a large area of the market garden to allow the vines to run to 30 or more feet. Here in coastal S.Cal are cool and often overcast summers slow the growth of the vines; so, instead of 100 days, the fruit starts maturing at 125-140 days.

We tried growing them in one of the orchards but ended up feeding every rodent in the harvestable fruit at all.

I consider this squash to be one of the best for the kitchen in soups, as a side dish, and even served stuffed. We add them to stir fries too. As others have written, these are long keepers.

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I would love to trade seeds for some of that pink banana goodness. I have seminole pumpkin, calalu, moringa, chinese red lettuce, magenta lambs quarters, all sorts of fun stuff. e-mail me for address, etc.

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I too am most interested in trading for some Pink Banana Squash seeds. I have seen them at our local farmers market and even did a painting of one (4 years ago). Unfortunately at that time I didn't save a seed from it. I grew Jaradale and Gill-Blue Hubbard last season and have seeds of either for trade even have digital pics.

Thank you.

Alvin Gill-Tapia
New Mexico Gardner

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Hey Alvin, I haven't forgotten you and your request for PB squash seed. I am drying down some right now and will sent you some. Yes, I will use a padded envelop because the seed is too large for save mailing.

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Any advise on growing pink banana squash? I have tried for two years now and had little luck. I plant as many seeds as possible with usually only one plant thats grows and produces anything. I've tried growing flat or on hills. Lots of water, little water. Lots of sun, little sun. Not much luck. Please help.

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Livingston County Kentucky grows 3 1/2 foot in just 45 days. The seed came from Blythe California (commercial winter growers) and were 2 years old. 100% germination. I Sun Dried the seeds from a mature squash for 2 weeks, cleaned them bagged them in baggies. Put seeds in refrigerator for two weeks before planting. Fertilize soil well. Water thoroughly in two week intervals. I let mine grow from the garden into the yard mowing around the vines. It helps to put the squash on a plastic shopping bag as they grow.
We halve the squash lengthwise, then cut into 6-8 inch pieces to microwave for 8/10 minutes in a corell covered dish with a bit oif water. Helps to liberally puncture flesh with a fork and salt/butter/pepper liberally before cooking.

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I just won a bag full of these seeds at an organic farm conference. Yippee!! Doesn't sound like I need to plant them all though.


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Last year we bought a tasty Pink Banana Squash at Earth Grown in Oceanside, California, saved the seeds and ate it. It was one of the best banana squash we have had and Pink Banana is the best tasting squash in our book. I Planted them this year and now have a dozen Squash in the frigerator, Garage and on the vine. Just steamed one 8-14-11 cut in 2'x 2' pieces. Added butter. It was some of the best Squash I have ever had. Even my picky, only likes Turkey Salmon mix, cat came after me and ate some. Picky grandson wanted to eat the whole community test bowl. Will save seed from the best tasting and plant again next year. I think I found a winner to add to my Victory Garden. I'm a Prepper. Prepper Lewis on Youtube

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I was shocked to see Pink Banana starts out yellow. I had other yellow squash in the year before so when yellow came up I thought old seed was sprouting, and some was, or my gleaned seed was queer hybrid...very confused. I decided I had failed my mission and ignored the mess to later see big bananas to my shock and joy. Very happy with these squash as we sit right now eating some of it..

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this is my second try at growing guatamalan blue squash and i couldn't be happier ! on my first try i had to harvest one squash in early august because it was dying from all the bugs. about 10" long and delicious !! for some reason we have no squash bugs this year, and insect barrier over the 2 plants until late july seemed to keep away SVB's. the biggest of 5 squash is getting corky at the stem, but it's only about 20" long. will it keep growing ? the smallest stopped growing at 8" so i just picked it. also nipped of the vine tips last week. don't want to seem greedy, but is there anything else i can do at this point to help my 4 prize squash along ? is it too late for more fertilizer ? thanks for any more info....pat

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Substitute this wonderful squash for pumpkin in pies. Same recipe, different squash, Wonderful taste,

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