How much sun can they take

MarinewifencJune 3, 2013

I have never planted these but they were on a very small list of dog safe plants that I can put in my backyard where the dogs play. I bought 20, different types but I don't recall the names at the moment, I can get them if it makes a difference.

Some are heucherella.

I am south east coastal NC and my backyard faces East I believe. It gets morning sun, until noon and then my house shades a small portion by the deck. Could these take morning sun until noon? I have another spot in the back area that gets even less sun if they need it they can go there.

Do they like a lot of water? I have astilbe planted back there and it does well would they be about equal with that?

For comparison i had ferns where the astilbe is and the ferns did not like it and needed to be moved to more shade and damp area where my hostas are. I think the hostas would do fine there but can't go there because of the dogs.

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Heuchera take full sun ( the dark purple colored ones) or part sun, depending upon the variety. Based on your description and your zone, most of them should be ok with morning sun, and afternoon shade. They do like water, but not obsessively. If they get too much sun, their leaves may become crispy, but they will not die. I found this website very helpful for getting this information.

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