which herbs can tolerate a buried stem?

AltitoMarch 24, 2013


I'm wondering which herbs can tolerate having their stems buried as they grow or during transplant just like the tomatoes, potatoes corn, pumpkin vines, etc..

Thanks, Altito

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CA Kate

Are you trying to root these herbs?

I have pinned many to the ground to root them: Lemon Verbena, Thyme, Lavander, Salvia... to name a few.

The only herbs that I, personally, know that can be planted deeper than they were grown are ones with stolens, ei: mints.

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Thanks, and yes, I'm trying to root them, or in the least, be able to stabilize them without worrying about rot. Basil is top on my mind at the moment, but I still want to hear whatever anyone knows they can to add to the list. Also, it would be nice to hear some definite don't bury plants.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Don't "bury" plants/plant them deeper than their root crown unless you specifically know that the plant can take it - like tomatoes for example.


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Never try to bury the branches of a Rosemary bush. For more plants take cuttings; those you can bury with all the leaves removed to the point where you bury them.

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