Looking for St. Louis Blues Tomatoes

char1111August 21, 2006

For many years we bought a variety of tomato plant that was labeled "St. Louis Blues". It was an excellent tomato. Deep bluish red.Uniformly round and smooth. It ripened completely, all the way to the stem, with no green core and no green shoulders. It was a mediun sized tomato, about 3".

All of a sudden, one year, we couldn't find the plants any more. Haven't seen them now for probably 15 years. We still miss them. No other tomato has satisfied us in all respects, as they did.

Being we were buying them in the St. Louis area, they might exist somewhere else under a different name?

If the description "rings a bell" would you please let us know what variety we could order seeds for that would likely be the same tomato?


Charlotte Hulett,

Barnhart MO

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maryinpnw(z8 OR)

I have no idea, but have you contacted the Seed Savers Exchange? They are in Decorah, Iowa and they have a web site. You should be able to google it with no problem.

There is a really neat seed company in Missouri called Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Family runned and owned. They are always on the look out for interesting seeds that grow into delicious vegetables. They have a web site:
www.RareSeeds.com. and they also have a garden forum. Maybe someone on the forum will have a clue?

Have you checked the Agricultural Cooperative Extension Service in your state? They will be in the phone book in the government section under county. They might have some ideas, or know someone to contact for further information.

Garden stores in St. Louis? I know from asking around at various garden stores locally who is into heirlooms. They may even be able to tell you if anyone is exchanging seeds locally. Maybe their is a club or gathering where they do this. And most of the time they enjoy talking with you about their passion.

Older gardeners? Local garden clubs? Local farmers, especially older farmers, or farmers who own "Century Farms." They should be more common where you are. They are farms owned and passed down in the same family for 100 years or more. Organic gardeners? All good leads.

What is the agriculture school in Missouri? Perhaps this tomato was developed there. Even if it wasn't, maybe they will have some leads for you.

Since I'm not in your part of the country, I haven't noticed if there is a Missouri forum on garden web. Maybe a regional forum. I'd sure post there.

Any local garden shows on the radio? There are a couple of popular ones here on two different radio stations and one guy in particular knows so much. He's hard to stump. Maybe you've got someone like that locally.

You'd think that if they were heirlooms, they would not disappear all of a sudden. Are they hybrids maybe?

Enough of my yakety yak. I hope you find that tomato. Sounds like a good one. And if you do find it, maybe you can save some seeds to offer on garden web some day. All the best.


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I too have been looking for St. Louis Blues. We used to get them for a place in St. Louis called Waynewrights I believe but they have gone out of business. I was wondering though if you had found them or heard anything about them?? Maybe the two of us can share what we have done so far to try and narrow it down because I know my family and I would love to find these wonderful tomatoes again.

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