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potterhead2(z5b NY)February 27, 2013

Hi All,
I did a search on this but did not find recommendations for specific models that are recent (within a year or so).

I was thinking of getting a model 3485 at BJs for $99 (after $35 coupon), but the reviews online are very negative so I think I"ll pass.

What model vacuum sealer do you recomend? I don't want to have to replace it every year, so reliable is important to me.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

This Model V2450 is the one I have and I am quite happy with it it. going on 4 years old with no problems. Easy to use,

DIL bought one of the upright models when they first came out a year or so back. Can't recall which one but it was chrome colored. She hasn't been nearly as happy with hers and the few times I tried it it was frustrating compared to mine. Real touchy about what and when it want to seal.

Just seems to be something about the form of the uprights tht causes problems. I'd stick with one of the non-upright models.


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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

I have one of the very 1st models and it is still going strong (I think its the V300) and Im happy with it, my Father on the other hand has since been through 2 of the newer ones (chrome looking) I have recieved them for parts, but am working to fix them anyways for back up.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I replaced a smaller, old (very old) model with the upright 'counter saving' chrome (stainless?) model that Costco stocks, maybe 3880? I don't have it now so I'm not sure...

I'd had it about a year+, and returned it to Costco, cash back with no questions asked. And went immediately to the Foodsaver website and bought the 2840 flat style during a special they were running - I've been more than satisfied with the 2840. Reliable and no surprises, where the upright version had several times quit vacuuming/sealing when I was in the middle of doing several bags of things - I never did find out what was wrong, it worked intermittently and I don't believe was operator error.

I don't keep my vacuum sealer on the counter anyway, it's still convenient on a shelf out of sight. Not once have I had an issue with a partially tight, or unsealed bag with the 2840, no matter if I'm processing two, or twenty.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

I have a FoodSaver Professional, which is no longer made. I think it was replaced by the Game Saver model. This is FS #2 for me. FS #1 still worked and was gifted to someone else because it didn't easily handle the volume and I got tired of waiting for cool-down. I love my current model and hope it never wears out.

One of my frustrations with FoodSaver is they change their models so frequently it's almost impossible to compare over the long-term.

I will say if you're interested in FoodSaver sign up for their emails. Some of their offers are incredible. I bought a closeout at more than 50% off and have it "stashed" as a backup in case my pro breaks down in the middle of gardening season.

Even if you don't buy the vacuum sealer itself from them, they occasionally offer great buys on canisters, bags and other accessories. Some of those are hard to find locally and even with shipping the price can be far better.

I'm a longtime Costco customer and their return policy is great, but the downside is they'll offer one model built to their specs.


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I have the V2222 and love it. I get bags at Costco, too, and notice they've recently gone up.

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A few years ago I picked up a V3440 as a great cyber Monday deal. It works well though it wastes about 1" of bag on each seal.

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I own the FoodSaver V3820. Bought it back in October. I use it almost every day. It sits on my microwave for easy use.
As I mentioned I use it a lot. I do notice that after 8 seals I have to let to cool off or it stops vacuuming. And it's noisy. Mind you it's my first one so I don't know if they are normally loud.
I'd buy this one again. Costco Canada had it on $40 off so it came in at 129.77. And the bags were on sale too...
Good luck in your search.

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Last summer after many years of hard service, my old FoodSaver Professional 2 unexpectedly quit. Those who have/had one know that it has the capability to do most anything you would expect of a home vacuum machine.

I wasn't surprised to learn that FoodSaver no longer made that model, but was really dismayed that it made NO model that had all the functions of the Pro 2. I also read so many complaints about newer FS machines using a large amount of material to seal a bag. I was not willing to down-grade to a machine that was not capable of doing everything I wanted it too. After a lot of research, I decided to give the Ary VacMaster Pro 260 a try. It has the capability to do all I wanted it to do and will do many vac & seals quickly without needing a break to cool-down. At first nothing went well and the newly purchased machine had to be sent back to the company. Since I have received the replacement, I have been very happy with it. It is more powerful than the old FS Pro2 and draws a better vacuum, has a wider heat sealer bar, has the built-in cutter tool for making a bag and a storage section for 2 sizes of roll materialâ¦.
AND 2 more big deal added bonuses for me:
1) FoodSaver accessories, bags and attachments etc. work fine with the VacMaster!!
2) The attachments that run off the air hose are controlled with a separate accessory button on this VacMaster. Therefore, the tool I use most with the hose can stay attached even when I am using the machine to seal bags.

One little thing I didn't like is a BRIGHT âÂÂpower onâ light when plugged in (I keep mine plugged in all the time since it is used often), but it was an easy fix to dim it.

I hope the VM Pro260 has as good a life span as did my FS Pro2 had and will give FoodSaver good competition. That could get both companies to design better products. I get peeved when a company produces a very useful product then âÂÂimprovesâ it by making it less capable :o

By the way, the FS zipper bags that are made for dry goods and fridge storage, work fine in the freezer if you first remember to put a small piece of packaging tape on two sides of the plastic piece that allows for the vacuuming. Otherwise the tag falls off after being in the freezer for a while.


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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

I'm to lazy to go and check to see what mine is but the next time I go to the kitchen I will check and tell you....The important thing is to take care of it and the reason I am posting is to give you one piece of advice....Find a place for it on your counter.....If you put it in your cabinet or will find it is easier to grab a bag instead of getting out the foodsaver...if it is on the counter, all it requires it to push the on button and you are in business....I love love love mine....

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harveyhorses(7 Midlothian Va)

I am sooo happy right now! We have had rain for what seems ilke forever, so we were cleaning closets out. A large cardboard box was on the very tip top shelf, when we got it d own, it was a never used Foodsaver my brother had bought in 1999. I picked a pile of peppers yesterday so I have something to try it out on.
It is a Compact ll model.
My brother suffered a TBI many years ago, and has very bad short term memory. He had forgotten about it completly.

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