Parsley - brown crunchy leaves -- help!

mariapazMarch 29, 2009

Hi. I'm (quite obviously) new at this and need some help. I live in a hill area I got a few Italian parsley plants at the local store and planted them (with the top half of their organic biodegradable or something-of-the sort pots) in the ground -- according to instructions. They are in a raised bed with about 15 in of store-bought dirt (Miracle-Gro's Organic Choice) Under that layer the soil is not entirely but mostly clay-like. They are getting about 7 hs of sunlight every day. I do the finger test to water them. The day after I got them (I hadn't put them in the ground yet) I saw they had wilted but after I put them in the ground they were fine. Now all plants have some (I'd say about 10%) of their leaves brown and crunchy. Are they getting too much sun exposure? Should I transplant them even though they don't like it in order to save them? Help! Please? Thanks.

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Parsley can take plenty of sun once established, but baby plants, or those which have undergone a transplant operation, need some protection from extremes.

Remove all those dead leaves, and provide them with a little shade in the afternoons, and shelter from any wind. Don't transplant them again.

With luck, they should resurrect, but don't be surprised if the bolt to seed in protest. That's OK. The leaves won't be as tasty once that happens, but at least your plants will spread seed around for next year. Expect some seedlings to appear in astonishing places.

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