Is this chili recipe okay?

jenswrensFebruary 20, 2014

The one from the site

I'd like to try it, but want to make sure it is safe. Unsure if this site is a trusted one or not.


Here is a link that might be useful: Chili Recipe for Pressure Cannning

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No, that's not a trusted source for canning recipes. First warning bell - canning chili with beans in quarts. The 75 minute processing time is the same as given for Chili con Carne on the NCHFP site for PINTS (no quart time). Then there's the oil (and no mention of draining), the shredded meat, etc.

Have you tried this recipe? I can't imagine what chili would taste like with tangerine juice or OJ, but if you like it, I suggest canning the beef (chunks or ground, not shreds as that may be too dense) with the OJ (or a mix of OJ and tomato juice) as per the NCHFP instructions for canning meat. Then you can add the onions, beans, and seasonings (incl. crushed tomatoes) when reheating it. It looks like this recipe calls for 4C of already-canned bans (or already-cooked dry beans), I don't know how to compare to NCHFP Chili since that calls for 3C dry which when cooked yields ? along with 3lbs of meat.

But if you're buying canned beans (or canning your own anyway), best to just do it separately and then you can just add the beans to the meat for the quantity you want. If you don't need quarts, then try adding some OJ and omitting the green pepper to the NCHFP chili recipe to approximate this recipe and do it in pints.

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Thank you! That's why I was wondering. After watching the video, I was suspicious, especially about the beans.

I haven't tried it, and was wondering if the orange juice was added to try to increase acidity, thus making it "safer" or something.

The BBB recipe for chili also uses oil. I've always trusted Ball. Is this one okay? There are no beans in this one. They say to add them when reheating/serving if you want beans.

Also, do you have to use canned tomatoes in these recipes, or can you ever use a similar amount of fresh tomatoes, like they do in that video on canningusa?

Here is a link that might be useful: BBB Chili

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I gave away my copy of the BBB, but the Ball Complete book calls for ground beef, no oil, fat drained after browning. Does the print copy have the same instructions (no draining) as the link? I wonder if there's a mistake. The Ball Complete calls for canned tomatoes as well. Not being a MFP, I can't answer your question about fresh vs canned tomatoes, but I can say the NCHFP/USDA recipes have been tested as written, so have the Ball (as long as that webpage isn't in error - check the print copy of the BBB, and even if it doesn't say to drain the fat I'd do it anyway).

Using fresh tomatoes could throw not only the acidity (canned tomatoes have citric acid, lemon juice, or vinegar added), but the density off, since the canned tomatoes have been cooked down already, so a given volume of canned tomatoes will be more tomato than the fresh tomatoes end up cooking down to by the end of the process, even if you start with the same volume as fresh.

And the CanningUSA recipe also seems to be cooked too long, though they do warn about letting it get too thick. Unless you're an experienced canner, how are you going to know how thick is too thick? That long cooking time after adding the (canned?) beans worries me - seems it would be extremely thick. Note that the NCHFP/USDA recipe only calls for simmering the mixture 5 minutes after adding the cooked beans.

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I just watched the video - they browned the meat in the oven instead of the skillet there (fine), but still used the oil (unspecified amount) to saute the onions without draining. Then not only did they NOT drain the fat off the meat (which they had not trimmed first), they added all the pan drippings to the chili pot (in fact, he mentioned deglazing the roasting pan and adding that to the pot, though they didn't show it)! Also, the beans were dried beans that had been rinsed and soaked overnight, but not cooked. Approved recipe calls for cooking the beans for 30 minutes and then simmering with the rest of the ingredients for only 5 minutes.

Sorry, way too many things off about this recipe.

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The OJ or tangerine juice will sweeten the taste of the tomatoes. I add a touch of sugar, but I don't can mine. Mine has macroni and beans, and there not much left each batch to worry about canning. Even the grandkids have learned to make 'Nana's chili'.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

With out looking up all the recipes I can't say which approved source says which. But is NOT considered a reliable source of recipes. Each recipe has to be evaluated individually. This particular recipe has a number of questionable issues in it.

There is a basic, approved recipe on NCHFP for canning chili. While we each have our own personal preferences for ingredients that does NOT mean we may can it as we wish.

The BBB recipe is approved, the NCHFP recipe is approved, the Ball Complete book recipe is approved. Follow one of them.


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