Strawberry pots

hsernulka(7)March 20, 2010

I have heard that you can grow herbs in a strawberry pot (the pot with all the openings along the side of it); however, I am confused as on how to plant in the openings. How do you plant the individual seedlings or herb plants without squishing them? Do you just squeeze them into the openings or do you plant from the opening at the top? Also, how well do the herbs eventually grow? Is it a successful harvest?

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Put a little potting mix into the pot until you reaching the lowest side-opening. Poke the plant into the opening, then top up the level of soil until the roots are covered. Continue working your way up the pot this way, then put one plant on the centre right at the top.

IMO, these pots are a complete waste of time and money. The soil dries out very quickly from those side-openings, and no matter how much you water, it never seems to be enough. This means that plants also have trouble accessing the necessary nutrients.

Strawberries are spreading plants - they like to travel far and wide. They can't do that in a strawberry pot!

I've seen people trying to grow other herbs in strawberry pots - things like chives and parsley and basil. The end result is usually spectacular failure - as with strawberries!

The best use I've seen for strawberry pots is to have them to display arrangements of artificial flowers!!

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To help with the watering problem, you might try a length of perforated PVC pipe down the center of the pot. Instead of one plant on top in the center, plant 3 or so around the PVC opening. To water, pour the water into the pipe. Now, I have to admit that I haven't tried this, but I've seen the suggestion made several times and it seems like it would be worth a try.

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Because they have so many openings and are so tall, these pots drain too fast. Consider part-sun for a location and plant type.

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hermitsgarden(8b TX)

I put thyme in a strawberry pot on the deck which only gets morning sun until noon. I use the perforated pvc (w/ plastic duct taped over the bottom end) and keep a tray under it. They thyme spills out and looks great, but it's mostly decorative, given how much thyme I have all over the yard.

Otherwise, I'd have to throw out the strawberry pot, because it is a silly thing.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

The only thing I saw like a strawberry pot was hen and chickens, houseleek, or whatever you like to call them. They were cute in the strawberry pot.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Just in case you aren't picturing daisy's good description of the process, you will be inserting the ROOT BALL of the plant (which, of course will be relatively small) into the opening...from the outside. The foliage will hang out.

You'll never guess what I use my strawberry pot for. It's unused for the purpose for which it is intended, but I use it on a kitchen counter to hold all of my wooden and bamboo utensils. Works great for that, lol!

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I see we have a little spam with our herbs.

The only time I have ever had a plant live in a strawberry pot is a self seeded winter savory. It has lived in a short 14 inch strawberry pot for several years. I will have to do something because the planting material was weathered down almost to the plant.

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I just transplanted my apple mint into a strawberry pot. It's living underneath the outdoor faucet which drips enough to keep it hydrated.

Of course, the reason I'm using it for the mint is because I've failed every time I tried to use it as an herb garden. I figured that mint is tenacious enough that it might succeed where all others have failed.

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