All American 921 question!!

ambroseyaFebruary 11, 2013


I'm buying my first "real" pressure canner after having borrowed my MIL's for past seasons. I am interested in the 921, but I cannot find anywhere what the height is closed NOT counting the handle. I have a microwave that comes out over my stovetop and may not allow it to fit (can't find anywhere affordable to buy it that won't make me pay return shipping if I'm wrong).

The microwave only covers PART of the big burner on my stove, so I need to know the average height of the top (not counting pieces that stick up) and then how far from the edge those items are, to see if it will fit.

Please help!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

The overall height dimensions of 16" is what is given on their website as well as several other sources. Base height is 10.5". Lid with handle is 5.5". Handle is 3" at center. Same with gauge. Will that do it for you?

How much clearance would that give you? If it is that snug a fit then you may have problems with trapped steam exhaust or steam running right up the front of your microwave.


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Thanks "digdirt" for reply. It's an informative reply and can be applied in future.

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