Garden Harvest Supply SALE - tons of Heuchera

alina_1June 27, 2012

Got a message from Garden Harvest Supply today. They are having perennial sale - 20% off plus a gift (annuals).

They have 35+ varieties of Heuchera and 5 varieties of Heucherella for sale. Some other nice perennials. They send well packed potted small healthy plants.

I bought other stuff from them too (organic fertilizers, deer repellents, Amish food, annuals and vegetables, hardy mums), but only perennials and stuff from their 'Special' department are on sale now.

They also have rewards points program.

Here is their Perennial page (sale)

And here is promotion code: PS2012.

The sale will be over on July 6th.

Just placed my order :)

4 more Heuchera and 2 Heucherella. Also bought Phlox 'Tiara' and some jam and honey.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Are you nuts showing me this??? I am already headed to the poor farm. I will let you know what I have ordered. Thank you for the tip. Paula

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Alina I ended up ordering 9 heucheras and 1 hosta Striptease which was on my wish list. I saved $15.83 using your code which covered my S&H. I think this will be my last order for a while but who am I kidding LOL Paula

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Sorry for enabling you guys :)

I've been waiting for Heuchera 'Paprika'. The listing said it will be available after July 1st. After getting that promo email today, I contacted their customer service and asked when exactly it will be available. The rep said: it will be up in 15 min and I have to be fast to get it - they have limited amount. As I mentioned before - I ended up buying 7 new plants, LOL.

If you never bought anything from them before, you will be impressed with their packing. Again, the plants are small, but healthy. Overall, I always was pleased.

The annuals they promised to send as a gift are great too - it should be something from their Flowering Combos selection:

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I ordered a Paprika also. I am excited about that one too.

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I have a feeling that 'Paprika' is the brightest orange Heuchera on the market. All my other orange Heucheras (Ginger Peach, Caramel, Christa, Peach Crisp) have green/bronze undertones.
This one should look terrific with dark like Obsidian or bright like Berry Smoothie. Hope I will not be disappointed :)

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I've purchased from GHS for several years, never a problem. Quality small plants.

I'm deciding right now....


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