Everbearing Dwarf Mulberry sale.

thonotoroseJune 8, 2011

Lo gee's latest email newsletter has an everbearing dwarf mulberry for sale for $13.00.

Their stuff is usually quite small and shipping is exspensive, but not as exspensive as burning gas to find one.

If anyone east of, but near, Tampa wants one let me know. We can split shipping.


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Thank You for the heads up on the dwarf mulberry plant at Logee's. I have the Red, White, & Black mulberry trees but I did not have the dwarf everbearing mulberry. I live way too far north of you (75+ miles each way) to combine with your shipping so I went ahead and purchased it online from Logee's.

Again, Thanks for making me aware it was available,

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

I was curious so went and looked up the plant at the website you both mentioned. Is it an actual dwarf? The description states if planted in the ground it becomes a large shrub and loses the everbearing. So is the bush an actual different type or will all mulberries "dwarf" if put in a pot?

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You should call Crowleys
I know they have carried this plant in the past, and I think you would get alot more for the money.

If there are any local plant shows that they are attending they will bring the plant there for you.
Just an idea.

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I wonder if it re-blooms in response to pruning.

Got one taker on the shipping split. Anyone else near me?

Someone else on this forum grows these. Maybe we'll get more info.

Also, I wonder if you can plant the pot with the bottom cut out and it will still re-fruit. I know that if you plant a bogie that way it will bloom much more often. They like to be root bound.

Another thing... maybe that is for more north of us.

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I will be growing this dwarf mulberry in a pot in my screen-greenhouse and keep it trimmed.


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ibarbidahl(9 (tampa-ish))

I have an everbearing mulberry - but it is not a 'dwarf.'
It sets fruit with each flush of leaves. I would imagine this is what is happening with the potted plant as well. If it is in the ground it may not flush out as often, but it should still set fruit with each nontheles. Can't completely change the charateristics of the plant simply by planting it outside as long as it can tolerate the climate.
I can tell you that the fruit is much smaller than a traditional - it's a trade off you know. Smaller fruit but more often. Currently my tree is 8' tall about 4-5 years old and this is it's second flush of fruit for the year. THe first lasted from early March - mid April and this one is just about to start, I have some fruit formed and some flouresence but none ripe just yet. Typical is 4 sets a year. Fairly dormant from Nov - Feb.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Thanks for the heads up. I've been wanting to get one for my chickens. They are supposed to like the berries. Someone was gonna send me some cutting for different kinds of Mulberries last year for postage but I guess they got busy and forgot. It would be nice to have a dwarf one too.

I don't usually buy from Logees because thier stuff is so small but sometimes they have good unusual items that are worth it. I bought my Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (Indian Night Jasmine) there years ago because no one else ever carried it and it is just huge now and very healthy.

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If anyone is in the Ft. Myers area ECHO sells a nice black mulberry. I planted it in the fall and had a wonderful crop this spring, so easy. I like mulberries even more than the black raspberries fruiting now on Apache plants. The mulberries are sweeter and no seeds.

Every fruit plant ever purchased at ECHO has been just great, not fussy and they always fruit unlike several impulse purchases at big box stores.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I bought some seeds from Echo this year including Moringa tree seeds, they are doing well. I sometimes have trouble getting okra to sprout but this year I got some red okra from Echo and every single seed came up!

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