Some other daylilies from last week Wednesday

twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)July 31, 2014

Well, I posted some Hansons and some Emmeriches from that day and am finally getting around to posting some others.... better late than never, right?

Crazy Ivan

Last Snowflake

Heavenly Angel Ice

Rev It Up

Linda Beck

Wispy Rays

Margo Reed Indeed

Shaka Zulu

El Desperado

Claudine's Charm

Garden shot

Another angle

Lots still blooming here, but things are winding down. I think I've had the last blooms on a couple of daylilies....

Thanks for looking! Laura

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Beautiful! Love Last Snowflake and Linda Beck especially. But they are all pretty ones. Clumps! El Desperado looks great. And wow, garden shots - love! Stunning!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow, what a beautiful garden, and the daylils are gorgeus.I just love EL DESPERADO. it sure is pretty in that clump.I got tohave CLAUDINE'S CHARM. ITS a beauty. a little expensive for my pockets (fixed income) but, got to have that one.Maybe next year.Last Snowflake, and Whispy Rays is very pretty , too, especially Last Snowflake.


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All are lovely. the garden shots are my favorites, but El Desperado is looking really good, and I love the shot of last snowflake with the purple blooms. Is that million bells? a beautiful bunch of photos. Eye candy.

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What beautiful garden shots! You grow many daylilies I really like, but I've always been smitten with photos of Last Snowflake and was afraid it would be too tender in our climate. How does it do for you?

Love your photo of HAI. Mine has certainly never looked that good. Is it short for you, or does it bloom at its registered height?


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sherrygirl zone5

Wonderful garden shots! They are always my favorite. Also relly like Wispy Rays.


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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Thanks for the nice comments.

Kay, that is a perennial, geranium Rozanne. It is beautiful and blooms like crazy, but it does get very large and sort of envelopes everything in it's path. Some people say that it weaves in and out of other plants in the area, but it has never done that for me - I have probably 7 of them in various areas.

Chris, I just measured it and HAI is about 32-34" tall, so just a little shorter than registered - it was new last summer, planted in a pot for a few months and then planted in the ground in the fall. I've had Last Snowflake for 4 or 5 years. It was in a pot until late last summer, when I split it up - repotted 2 fans and put 2 fans in the ground. The fans in the ground are fine, just one scape. The potted plant died, like about 2/3 of my potted daylilies did last winter... long story. Hope it multiplies some by next year! I do love it regardless.

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Nancy zone 6

Last Snowflake looks really pretty, HAI is stunning though. Wonderful clump of El Desperado, mine had an off year this time. It usually blooms for a long time, but seems like it was in full bloom then gone. Claudine's Charm is gorgeous.

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Nancy zone 6

I meant to say, the last 2 photos are what really caught my eye. I'm really going to have to work on my garden, love those clumps of coneflowers, monarda, &, is that veronicas? It's not that I don't have those in my garden, they just aren't such great lovely clumps. My coneflowers don't seem to "clump up" they just reseed in scattered areas. I'm gonna be doing a lot of moving around this fall.

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Your clump of Claudine's Charm is doing well! How does Crazy Ivan grow for you, as there have been some complaints about its performance in the North?

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Brad KY(6b)

Laura, I love Rev it Up and Wispy Rays the most, but all are really nice. Your garden looks great!

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I think I must have gotten the runt of the litter with the HAI plant I have. It's never been taller than 8".

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Nancy zone 6

We must have gotten our HAI from the same place maximus! Pretty blooms, but so short.

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Maryl zone 7a

Wow on that garden shot. How pretty the riot of colors are..... Even though I'm not a big fan of UF's I do like your Heavenly Angel Ice. Also like the Crazy Ivan. Doesn't get much better then your clump of El Desparado, and Linda Beck looks good too. Mine had a hard set back last winter so just had a few blooms this year. Yours looks amazing.....Maryl

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shive(6b TN)

The garden shots are absolutely glorious! Everything looks so lush and well grown. Your choice of companion plants is just perfect. I enjoyed seeing your photos of some of my favorites here: Crazy Ivan, Last Snowflake, Linda Beck, and Margo Reed Indeed. That clump of El Desperado is very impressive.


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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Thanks everyone!

Nancy, I do have some clumps of veronica in that bed - you can see some in the 'another angle' photo, it's in the middle toward the bottom. I also have veronicastrum, which is the bottom right of that same photo. In addition to those, the coneflowers and the monarda, I have agastache and nepeta (catmint) that are taller accents. The tall nepeta is in both group photos, on the very right, kind of in the middle (Nepeta sibirica 'Souvenir d'André Chaudron' , hummingbirds love it) - it's sprawling all over all the daylilies near it, I really need to try to cage it or something next year.

Mantis - I have had Crazy Ivan for a few years, in a pot. Late last summer I gave away all but one fan, which I planted in the ground. It's now 2 fans. One scape, not many buds - maybe 8-10. I think it probably would be happier further south, but it's holding it's own. It's on my trade list.

Maryl, I'd been wanting Linda Beck for a while, an just got it in late May - 2 fans and it surprisingly put up 2 scapes. I look forward to seeing how it does in future years!

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Last Snowflake looks so pretty with the Cranesbills. Linda Beck is a favorite of mine too, it's nice to see a pic of that one. Mine really took a hit this winter and only sent up one scape with very few buds. The pics of your garden beds are wonderful, beautiful color combinations......well done!


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Nancy zone 6

Thanks for the info on the flowers. I have nepeta, but mine must be a dwarf type, it is very low growing. I'll have to look for your variety. I used to have agastache, but it died out, & I never see it offered any more in the nurseries. I don't know why, such a nice plant I think. I've been looking things over & making plans in my head. Probably ought to draw it out on paper so I don't forget :)

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Everything is beautiful. Gardens are lots of work but so enjoyable.

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