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flower-frenzy(8a)June 17, 2014

I had an adorable visitor to my heuchera garden this morning. Take a look!

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Another view...

I think he visited at least 10 plants before he flew away. I could hear him chirping happily as he drank the nectar. What a cutie!

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How cool is that!

Don B.

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so nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Don't ;you just love it when the stuff you plant becomes part of the ecosystem? Recently I noticed a bird's nest in a crape myrtle that I planted a few years ago.

But I guess I didn't understand that heuchera attract hummingbirds. I have several heuchs with unspecial blooms and I usually just snap them off. Should I be leaving them on for the hummingbirds?

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I've never seen hummingbirds in my heuchera before this year either. It's strange because they haven't been visiting the plants I normally see them on. This particular bird was a much brighter color than the ones I'm used to seeing. He was also quite a bit larger. I don't know what might have changed in the ecosystem, but obviously something has. I've found that the lack of pollinators (bees in particular) in general to be disturbing.

You might as well leave the flowers on your heuchs. You never know who they may attract.

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Wow, I have not seen that on my heuchera yet. Thanks for sharing.


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The hummers have been coming into my yard .I have some year round hummers , I keep feeders out all year long, but I like it best when they head for the Heuchs.too.

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