Where do you buy your heucheras?

ginny12June 15, 2012

I buy my heucheras at local nurseries but the selection seems limited. I've always bought perennials online as well but really would like to see the leaf color in person as I am purple-crazy.

The local selection seems limited. Where do you buy your heucheras? Is there a specialty nursery for them online?

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a2zmom(6a - nj)

I've bought from several sources. I knew I wanted a Frosted Violet and my local nursery carried it, so I bought it. I've bought several different ones from Bluestone and have had good results. I've also bought from Well Sweep Herb Farm which is local to me but is also a national mail order nursery.

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I buy mine from Home depot. For the ones they do not carry, I order from ilovehostas.net. They have almost all the varieties (and hostas too). It is a little expensive $10-12, but very high quality. Plant grows very fast, great and fast service. Most of the time the plants come in 3-inch pots, but deep rooted. I planted a few Cajun Fire last fall from them. This year they already grow into mature size.

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For anyone ordering in Canada, I found that Floral and Hardy had an excellent selection! The plants were wonderful, healthy and each of them had a great root system.

I also compared prices and ordered from Hortico the ones that Floral and Hardy either didn't have or were much cheaper at Hortico.

I don't recommend for anyone to order from Hortico. Of the five heuchera I ordered...

-Sugar Plum was confirmed and then not available.

-Mahogany had two leaves and the center was moldy.

-One was sold to me as Root Beer but when it came it was hemerocallis Root Beer and not heuchera Root Beer. They had the same code in their books for both. grrrr...

-Then, the Brownies I ordered came and looks nothing like Brownies, in face it really is looking like Amber Waves.

-I did get one heuchera from them though that looks great....Lime Marmalade. That one was a beautiful plant and had a nice root system to it.

And, then even though Hortico quotes a certain price for the number of plants ordered, in fine print you actually pay for what it really cost them to send it. Well...the daylily was HUGE and because of it the weight went up and so did the size of the package thus making the postage quite a bit more. This will be the first and last time I will order from Hortico.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I buy most locally but have ordered half a dozen or so from Santa Rosa Gardens online. All on sale. Very happy with them.

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Thanks for the input, everyone. I'm guessing most people buy what they can find locally. I'm surprised at how few I'm finding locally tho--guess I need to go farther afield.

And a2zmom, thanks for mentioning Well Sweep Farm. I've never been there but I've read about it. They have been around a long time and I'm glad they still are.

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Our local nursery prices are insane, so I only buy locally from HD and Lowe's. Most of my Heucheras were bought online. Here are my favorite places:

  • Romence Gardens - the largest Heucheras from online sellers;

  • Mason Hollow Nursery - good size;

  • Garden Harvest Supply - small plants, but very healthy. Good selection and rewards points program;

  • ilovehostas.net - first time this year. Small and expensive plants. Good selection though.

  • Bluestone Perennials 50% off sale - a good place to buy common varieties.

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