Too Tall heirloom tomatoes

paperartAugust 24, 2010

All my heirloom tomatoes are so tall I need a ladder to reach the fruit. Not many tomatoes either. Are they not getting enough sun? Most get about 5-6 hours of afternoon sun. This is my first year with heirlooms and I'm a little disappointed. My mom's did the same thing and her's are in full sun.

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We had a real hot summeer this year, as such, most of our tomatoes heirlooms and hybreds shut down a little. Our indeterminate grow very tall some 10' to 15' tall but you can prune them to the desired height you want. I think that some heirlooms produce well in the heat the Cheerokee purple does well for us in the heat and our early girl hybred kept putting on tomatoes all summer but the size got very small. Black Cherry does well and our Mo Pink seems to do good in the heat. We grow the vines up on a horizontal cattle pannel that is mounted about 2' above the soil some of our vines grow to the top and them fold over to the ground on the other side. I don't pull our tomatoe plants when they stop producing because I think that they often start putting on again when it finally cools down. Personally we find that growing some heirlooms and some Hybreds work well for us. I like the variety and taste of the heirlooms and the number of tomatoes put on by the hybreds. When canning we mix everything

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