what does Jenny Lind melon really look like?

birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)August 23, 2004

Mine are about the size of a large navel orange, maybe 10-12 ounces. They have netting, green skin even when ripe, green flesh with orange toward the seed cavity, no knob, slight to no ribbing. From Pinetree seeds (who this year sent me a swan-neck gourd instead of a pumpkin Vif d'Etampes.) Oh, and flavor is nice but not extraordinary. And the leaves browned and died as the melons were ripening.

When I google JL, I get 1) a melon with very deep ribs 2) a melon with a very distinct knob, either weighing a pound to a pound and a half.

What is the really Jenny Lind?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

The real Jenny Lind, as with all other melons, may have variable size depending on the growing conditions.

Here's a description from an SSE member who also got seeds of it from Pinetree:

75 days, green flesh melon with a small turban on the end, 2-4 #, sweet mild flavor.

Other SSE members say turban on the end and I think that's what you mean by knob, and size about 2#.

One member has a separate listing for one with no turban.

Skin should be netted, not ribbed.

When I grew it it was netted, had a distinct turban, and various fruits ranged between 1-2#.

I didn't think the taste was anything special. I think this variety became well known simply b/c it was rediscovered.

This has not been that great of a melon year in the NE, so I'm not that surprised with the small size of your fruits.

Weather can also influence fruit genetic traits.


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fert1(7 SC)

Last year I tried growing Jenny Lind, and got a melon with netting, no ribbing and no turban. Decided I had incorrect seeds and requested more. So I tried again this year. This year's melons were netted and ribbed, but again no turban. The fruits have been about grapefruit sized. They turn a yellow/golden color when ripe and slip from the vine. They have been about as good as any of the melons I've grown this year, being as how it's been a cool, wet summer here. None have been extremely sweet. I'm still not 100% sure I've grown a true Jenny Lind though.

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