I never liked raw tomatoes

pseudacris_crucifer(5)August 24, 2008

I never liked raw tomatoes, until now. I recently tried a Black Krim, right off the vine, and now I am hooked.

I won't say the taste is entirely different. A tomato is a tomato after all. But the taste is entirely different. (Oops, I wasn't going to say that.) Little of that "green" umame taste, and more of the tasty tomato taste.

I also get a kick out of eating a brownish, purplish, green streaked fruit. Heirlooms are fun.

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

I'm growing Black Prince Krims, Gold Medal Yellow, and Mr. Stripey. All taste good. Tonight I made a "salad on a skewer". Chunks of tomatoes, watermelon and basil leaves. Delicious with Balsamic Vinegraitte dressing!

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You may want to try Black, Black Sea Man and Black Cherry tomatoes too. Yum!

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

You know, my daughter & my mother said the same thing when I first started growing heirloom tomatoes. Now not only do my grown children beg me for tomatoes... their friends ask to beg for them also.

Other than "Great White" and "Goldie", the tomatoes I grow would probably be unrecognizable to most. "Sojourner South American" is a very large (averaged 14 ounces) red oxheart with few seeds, and a wonderful flavor. "Nicoviotis Orange" is a bright orange mid-sized tomato with a really sweet flavor. "Federle" and "Gilbert's Italian" are large banana-type pastes (up to 8 oz.) that are also really good chopped in salads. "Elfin" is an open-pollinated grape tomato, with thin skin, meaty texture, and a rich - but not overly sweet - flavor.

There are so many wonderful varieties out there that it's impossible to try them all. The differences really come out when you taste a lot of them side-by-side. I attended the Seed Savers Exchange tomato tasting event over the Labor Day weekend, and found a couple ("Gold Medal" and "Red Fig") that really impressed me with their flavor. They are on my list for next year!

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